Part 99*

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Sumo slowly stopped running and Shravan and Pushkar approached her from behind. Before Shravan could get a hold on her, she collapsed to the floor, right in from of PCT.

Shravan ran to her but instead of finding Sumo all he found was a limp body.

Shravan quickly picked her up into his lap shaking her body, trying to get her to wake up.

Shravan: (patting her cheeks) Sumo!!! SUMO! Sumo wake up!!! Jaan please wake up!!

Pushkar: (rushing up behind Pushkar) Sumo!! Bhaiya what happened to Sumo?!

Shravan: (in tears) I don't know Pushkar! She's won't wake up!! Tell her to wake up!! Please Sumo, please wake up for me!!

Ramnath: (kneeling down besides Shravan) Shravan, Suman is in shock. I think you should take her to the hospital before her condition gets worse.

Shravan: (crying) Papa Sumo!! Papa why isn't she waking up!!

Pushkar: Bhaiya take Sumo to the hospital! Bade Papa, you go with Bhaiya. I will handle everything over here.

Shravan: (sobbing) Pushkar, Sumo.......

Pushkar: Bhaiya, she will be fine! Please take her to the hospital. I'll make sure everything here is fine. You go!

Ramnath: Let's go Shravan!

Shravan scooped Sumo into both of his arms running to the car, following Ramnath.

He laid Sumo down in the back seat with her head in his lap as Ramnath began driving towards the hospital. The entire time, Shravan was holding onto Sumo as if his life depended on it.

Soon they reached the hospital and Ramnath rushed out of the car, opening the door for Shravan. Shravan quickly got out of the car, with Sumo in his arms, and ran into the Emergency section of the hospital. He laid her down on the stretcher while Ramnath called for a doctor.

The nurse began to wheel Sumo into the ER while Shravan ran with them, until Ramnath and the nurses prevented him from going any further. Shravan watched as Sumo's body was slowly taken away from him and Ramnath held him.

Ramnath: Don't worry Shravan. Suman will be fine. (patting his back)

Shravan: How can I not worry Papa! You saw her reaction! She was broken Papa!! I can't see her like that! You know how much PCT means to her!!

Ramnath: She is a strong girl Shravan! Have faith and she will be good! Let me call Pushkar and check how things are going over there! Hopefully the fire is contained.

Shravan: Ok Papa, but put it on speaker!

On the phone with Pushkar.

Pushkar: (souding worried) Hello? Bade Papa?

Ramnath: Pushkar, how is everything over there! Did the fire extinguished?

Shravan: (desperately) Pushkar please tell me PCT is alright!

Pushkar: Bhaiya the firefighters are working on it but it's not looking so good. It hasn't been contained yet.

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