Having an Affair with My Soon-to-Be Stepdad [7]

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I woke in a hot sweat and looked around. Where was I? On the couch?! I was supposed to be in James's second room, right? I looked to my left and saw the clock hanging over the TV. I nearly jumped when I saw it was only 2:30AM.

....I had been dreaming? The whole time? I blinked back tears of frustration as I realized that the whole fantasy I had was a dream. "Seriously?" I mumbled, before turning around and nodding off to a fitful sleep.


I woke up and immediately grabbed at the suitcase next to me. It was 7:50AM, which was a bit early for me, but I didn't really care too much. I grabbed my Boston Celtics (!!!!) jersey and a pair of black skinny jeans and hit the shower.

After I came out, I carelessly left my wet hair to air-dry and was about to step out to go to Vinny's Pizzeria and call up my best friend Naomi from across the street to come with me, when I realized I wasn't at our old apartment, but some unknown part of Manhattan, in James's condo. I gritted my teeth and flopped back on the couch.

I pulled out my phone and called my mother's number..."Oh come on," I mumbled as I heard it go to her voice-mail.

I turned on the TV and flipped through the channels idly. I went to Fox and reminded the next episode of Glee. The rest of the time I spent watching episodes of random shows and Lifetime movies. I was that bored.

I looked at the clock, it was now only 9:12AM. I threw the remote down and decided to look around. I looked into the hallway and saw the second guest room in my dream. I flinched and turned around, discovering it actually was real.

I changed my mind and decided not to search the real-fake room. Instead, I turned and looked across the hall at James's room. I stepped inside, and almost immediately, I felt the difference on my feet.

I looked down to see a plushy, soft black carpet. For some reason it reminded me of fur. I shivered at the thought.

I stepped inside carefully. His room looked pretty normal, at least for a rich player. You know, nice bed, closet bigger than the size of our whole apartment, bigger bathroom, boring walls, and all that.

I was about to step back out until something under the bed caught my eye. I bent down, pulled back the sheet and looked under. All I saw was an abnormally large box covered by a black cloth. Oh goody.

I wasn't really interested in his pirate's treasure or any other weird things he kept in under his bed, so I stepped back out. I made my way to the kitchen and looked in the fridge for something to eat.

I opened his silver refrigerator and looked through it. Chinese takeout, beer, more beer, Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull, Gatorade, (God this guy had more drinks than food), layers and layers and layers of Hillshire Farms (Go Meat!) meats. This guy literally had any kind of turkey, beef, and chicken ever made.

I sighed and pulled out the oven roasted turkey breasts and bent down to look for lettuce. I pulled out the bottom refrigerator cabinet and shuffled through the huge assortment of greens and finally found it. I pulled out the other cabinet and smiled as I realized he had color coded everything. The tomatoes were with the red peppers, broccoli with spinach. Cute, I thought, before shaking the thought away. I pulled out a small tomato and a bag of baby carrots that was in the corner by itself and other bags of it. How sad, no other orange vegetables for James.

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