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Mason's POV

I was so angry when that man touched my angel.

I couldn't help but grip his neck with my claws that he had caused to appear.

But what made me even more upset was when they decided to abruptly brake their news to my baby. When they made her cry.

No one makes my girl cry.

I followed her into the woods, afraid she might hurt herself in her state of panic.

When she tripped I couldn't help myself anymore.

It's been eleven years.

Eleven long, heart breaking years.

I had to have her know me again. So I held her. I held her in my arms, against my chest. She seemed frightened, especially when I whispered reassurances in her ear.

I made myself visible for the first time in eleven years. And oh it felt so good.

My baby's eyes landed on me and she immediately recognized me.

"Ton-ton." She whispers, almost like she can't believe it. That I'm standing here, in the woods, holding her in my arms.

"My angel." I whisper back. She just sits there staring at me in shock for a moment, I'm terrified she will reject me. Find me ugly, like everyone else, despise me.

But alas my little girl is still the same.

She, quick as lightning, wraps her arms around my neck and nuzzles her face into my neck. I immediately do the same to her.

She wraps her legs around my waist while I help hold her up, closing my eyes, enjoying the feeling of her embracing me.

Im over come by happiness when I hear Clarke sobbing into my shoulder.

"Hey, hey it's alright. Don't cry my love." I coo while petting her hair.

"I-I missed you so much and you left m-me. After awhile I thought I j-just made you up." She sniffles wiping her eyes with the heal of her hand.

"You said you would never leave me." Her bottom lip trembles.

"Oh angel" I coo, lifting her chin with my finger. " I had
To, you kept us a secret for so long and then you hit that age where you told everyone everything. You kept telling your mother about me and it got to the point where she started to think you were mental. I couldn't let people look at you that way. I never left you, I simply went under the radar for a little while. I was going to reveal myself to you on your eighteenth birthday but I... kinda lost it back there."

She nods looking down for a second before returning her gaze to me. She smiles through her tears and reaches up to run her fingers through my hair. "I love you so much." She whispers. I hum in appreciation of her tiny fingers massaging my scalp while tugging my hair slightly.

"I love you more. More than words can express." I lean my forehead against hers looking into her eyes intensely. "I died everyday knowing you had to go through what you've had to go through feeling alone, when indeed i was there with you every step of the way."

Clarke's face scrunched up as more tears appear. I push her head into my chest and shush her soothingly. "Cmon angel, let's get you home." She nods as I start walking that way. I would normally fly to save time, but it's been to long and I don't want to bring too much on her at once.

Today's been rough for my baby girl.


After sneaking Clarke into her room without being noticed by the witch, I tuck her into bed. I turn around to close her window we snuck into when I hear a faint whimper.

"Please don't leave me." I look at my girl and close the window with my wing, immediately climbing in beside her. "I will never leave you my love." I kiss her forehead as she latches onto me. I smile, engulfing her into my embrace.

It doesn't take long before my baby is fast asleep on my arms. I sigh in content and trace her facial features.

"How can you not see how beautiful you are?" I whisper furrowing my brows.


"So you can make yourself invisible?" Clarke asks while tracing patterns on my chest. When she woke up in the middle of the night like she usually does, she didn't want to go back to sleep. And that was fine by me.

I twirl a peice of her hair in between my fingers. "Yes I can."

She gasps climbing onto my lap. "And you can fly right? Cause I remember us flying around. Or did I make that part up?" She tilts her head looking adorable. I chuckle and wrap my arms around her. "Yes I can fly. What else would I use these for?" I fluff my wings out from behind my back and put them on both sides of a very wide eyed Clarke.

She reaches up to run her fingers through the feathers. "They're so soft." She whispers in awe. I nod my head just smiling at my girl.

Gosh she's so beautiful.

I lean forward and nuzzle my face into her hair. "I'm never going to leave you to feel alone ever again." I start to feel tears fill my eyes.

She grabs my head and makes me look her in the face. She cups my chin, rubbing her thumb across my cheek to rid the tears that fell while she whispers "What's done is done, don't beat yourself up. You did what you felt was right. I love you so much."

I sniff and wrap her in the tightest hug I can without hurting my sweet little girl.


"Ton-ton where are you?" The six year old giggles. I hate to do this but there's no other way, I can't let people think she's mental just because of me.

"Ton-ton! " she seems to be getting worried now. "Ton-ton I give up." I stand in her little room while she looks in various places I could be hiding.

"Ton-ton." She whimpers.

My heart clutched at the break in her voice. Little did she know that she wouldn't see me again for quite a while.


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