Chapter 3

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Christian gulped. The poisonous glare Ana was shooting them both...It was a wonder they weren't dead already. For the first time in his life, he felt an irrational fear for his own life. And a greater fear of his own wife!

'Great going Grey!', he thought almost wryly to himself. 'How do you talk your way out of this one? Because it doesn't look like she's going to listen anyway!'

"Ana," he started. "I know what this looks like, but trust me, that's not how it is. See, Taylor offered-"

"Fascinating as your explanation is bound to be Mister Grey, I have no choice but to believe it is EXACTLY how it looks!", Ana interrupted, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Christian winced at the coldness in her eyes and voice.

This was bizzare! His wife couldn't possibly believe he was having an affair with his head of security simply because he was straddling said head of security naked?

The very thought made him swell with indignation. He tried to get up, but ended up falling on Taylor flat on his chest. Unfortunately, Taylor chose that very moment to emit a highly tortured and pleasured groan that drew Ana's wrathful gaze upon him.

"Oh, don't stop now!", she said sarcastically. "Don't let me stop your fun!"

"Ana!", Christian said warningly, sounding outraged. "Don't jump to stupid conclusions now!"

"Jumping to conclusions are we?", a new voice said archly, joining in on their little conversation. Christian, managed to quickly disentangle himself from his highly compromising position and put on a sheet around his waist before turning to face their audience.

Gail was standing beside Ana now, softly thumping a rolling pin on the palm of her hand looking every bit as dangerous as Ana.

"I always knew he had a roving eye Mr. Grey.", she spoke in a soft, threatening voice. Christian felt the hairs at the back of his throat rise. She looked like she was ready to chop them into teeny tiny pieces and burn what was left of them in the incinerator.

"Most girls have to keep a strict watch out for other woman their partners might possibly develop an unexpectedly passionate interest in.", she continued coolly, her eyes switching on to Taylor in a deadly gaze. "I however am not like other girls. You see, I had to watch out for both women and men!"

She took a step forward, brandishing the rolling pin dangerously. "But to think you would betray me like this?!", she hissed. "I knew he was caught up in another of his passing fancies but when it started to get serious, I had to investigate! And I found, I found.."

She spluttered indignantly, at a loss for words. Ana patted her back sympathetically, glaring at us. "When Gail realised that your were Taylor' interest..", she said disdainfully, " we both decided to get out of your way for tonight. But frankly, I can't believe you'd have the nerve to carry out your little tryst on OUR Anniversary and on OUR bed!", she spat bitterly.

Taylor sighed dramatically. "It was my idea Mrs. Grey.", he said. "And trust me, my hands have given Mr. Grey far more pleasure on 'your' marriage bed than you ever did!"

Christian almost choked at the misleading double entendre behind Taylor's words while Ana turned purple with rage. Gail however, stalked over and grabbed Taylor firmly by the ear with her nimble fingers.

"OW!", he yelled, his face contorting as she twisted them painfully, and dragged him out of the bedroom. Their angry yells could be heard all the way downstairs until the front door shut with a loud bang.

Silence rang in the bedroom, now that they were alone. Christian, with the sheet slipping below his waist, and Ana glaring at him, breathing hard like an angry bull.

Christian had enough. He was tired of playing the victim and the villain. He was going to drum it into his silly wife's head that he was NOT having an affair with Talyor! And once he had done so, he would take care of Taylor, in his own way.

"Ana,", he began, determined not to be interrupted and failing miserably in his attempt as Ana's bull like roar made him cower back in alarm.


"Err, a few weeks.", it slipped out accidentally. " But it wasn't an affair!", he babbled hurriedly, as Ana looked ready to explode.

"Oh sure!", she scoffed. "I suppose you're 'just friends', albeit friends with benefits!"

"That's crazy!", Christian retorted, starting to lose his temper. " Will you just let me explain before-"


"OIE WOMAN!", Christian yelled back, something inside him snapping."ARE YOU SAYING YOU'D RATHER, I CHEAT ON YOU WITH ANOTHER WOMAN?!"


"DON'T YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME MADAM! Oh hell! Forget it!", Christian furiously grabbed her wrist and pulled her close for a fierce, punishing and searing kiss.

At first she struggled, pummelling his chest furiously with her fist. Christian held to him, kissing her harshly at first and then succumbing to her sweetness, as their bodies moulded together perfectly, and their lips meshing together, seducing each other, sending waves of pleasure coursing through them. Their tongues mated erotically, making love and sweet promises of more...

She softened in his arms, her hands unconsciously wrapping around his neck as she returned his kiss with fervour and love.

"Tell me it isn't true!", she whispered fiercely, breaking free from the kiss. "Tell me that isn't true you're..involved with him!"

Christian sighed, resting his chin on her head. "That's what I've been trying trying to tell you all this while.", he said patiently, relieved she wasn't trying to a attack him anymore. "I didn't realise his motives but he suggested giving me this incredible type of massages that would increase my..virility so I could er, give you anniversary night to remember."

Ana looked at him wide eyed as he continued. "We would meet up in hotels of his suggestion and carry on the massage sessions. I'll admit, I never realised it was all a ruse to 'steal' me away. He's pretty good with his hands and thought they would be enough to seduce me."

Ana sighed, hugging her husband tightly. "I'm so sorry I didn't believe you.", she cried softly into his chest while he hugged her back. "It's just that, you've been pretty weird these last few weeks..I did think it was a surprise for our anniversary at first but then I heard you on the phone one day..and..and then Gail told me about Taylor being bisexual..and I just saw red when I heard you moaning and.."

Christian hushed her with another kiss, which she gladly surrendered to, and left her shivering with delight in his arms.

"Convinced about my sexuality now?", he asked humorously, cupping her face lovingly, angling it so he could kiss her neck.

"Mmmm...", Ana hummed with contentmemt."I think i need a little more convincing!", she replied, her eyes shining wickedly.

Christian narrowed his eyes before scooping her into his arms and carrying her to the bed. Laying her on the bed, he captured her lips with his, murmuring," I might take all night doing that Mrs Grey."

"I don't mind ..", Ana giggled as he growled and began unbuttoning her blouse...

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