Chapter 2

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It was 9 p.m. Silence reigned in the Grey household with all the rooms enveloped in darkness and a feeling of desolation. All rooms, save one...

The Master bedroom was the only place which showed any signs of life. The room was dimly lit with scented candles. Soft red petals decorated the bed. The smell of flowers and perfume wafted through the breeze that filled in through the open windows. The perfect room, with the perfect setting for romance, for the perfect couple on their anniversary.

Only there was no couple. Not the expected one that is.

And it wasn't Anastasia's and Christian's anniversary, yet. At least not until midnight.

On the large bed, Christian lay on his stomach half naked, a towel loosely covering his lower half, soft sighs and groans of contentment escaping his lips as Taylor continued with his ministrations on Christian's back. He felt the day's tensions and muscle cramps melt away as Taylor's fingers worked their magic. Usually, just the sight of Ana's beautiful smiling face was enough for that. But she had suddenly gone off on a last minute trip to her mom's who was apparently dying to see Teddy.

Christian didn't have a problem with his wife taking off with her son to show him off to her mom. What he did have a problem with was her timing. Why did she have to leave one day before their much awaited anniversary was beyond his comprehension. He had made his displeasure very clear to her, but of course, Her Highness chose to be as stubborn as a mule over her decision and had packed her bags paying little attention to his protests.

Fuming, he let her go, asking Taylor to drop her at the airport, and buried himself in work for the rest of the day, trying to quell his rage.

Of course he regretted their quarrel now. He regretted not having gotten into that damned car with her and convince her to see things his way using his best pleasurable skills. He regretted not having called her even once throughout the day to see how she was doing before coaxing her to return home for their anniversary.

Instead, he had gone back home after work, same as usual, and had Taylor massage his back at his own home instead of playing hide and seek in some fool hotel.

Still, the massage, the scent, the romantic setting he had prepared for their anniversary night helped calm him down. He was going to bring her back home the very next day with a polite apology to his mother in law. Hopefully Ana would have calmed down enough to see things his way. He had gifts to give her after all...

Unbeknownst to Christian, his groans sent the man bent over him into overdrive.

Taylor watched the expanse of toned muscles submit to his fingers' tender loving care, and felt his mouth go dry at the mesmerising sight. A fierce wave of protectiveness for his employee washed away the pangs of guilt that he was starting to feel for Mrs Grey, especially after her argument with Christian this morning. The guilt had been growing like a tidal wave, even after he had dropped her at the airport with a feeling of vindictive satisfaction.

'Mine!', he thought possessively, his eyes devouring Christian's muscular frame. 'You can never be anyone else's Mr. Grey! Mine, mine and only mine forever!'


He blinked. "I'm afraid I didn't catch that sir?", he asked, his voice barely concealing his excitement.

" I said we should do this more often."; Christian repeated patiently. "After my anniversary, Ana will know about this anyway. We can carry on as usual in the comfort of my own home. I've grown a little weary of this game of hide and seek now. I would like to put an end to it starting tomorrow. And..Aaaah!" Christian stopped with his litany of instructions for the bodyguard as his nimble fingers played on a couple of sweet spots. Sighing with pleasure, Christian closed his eyes as he imagined Ana carrying out the very same ministrations on every inch of his body.

That was most definitely a good idea, he decided, his lips curving into a lazy smile.

He cleared his throat and the fingers paused, indicating that Taylor had his full attention now. "I've been thinking hard Taylor and I have decided that I will no longer need your services in this department. You have your job to concentrate on after all. I was wondering if you could teach Ana a few of your techniques?"

The growing hope that had blossomed in Taylor's chest shattered to pieces, and was replaced by white hot anger.

Christian saw him as a masseuse after all this time?

His fingers changed their course of action and began to caress Christian's naked flesh sensuously.

"Is that all you want from me Mr Grey?", he asked, his voice flat and cold.

Christian cocked his head sideways questioningly "What do you mean?", he asked, sounding puzzled.

Taylor's fingers wandered further down, lingering close to Christian's firm buttocks. His hands itched to rip off the loose towel covering his lower half. Restraining his desires with a superhuman effort he answered, his voice hoarse with need.

"Don't you see me as more than a masseuse or an employee? If you must choose from the two, then I'd prefer you say personal masseuse. The designation lends a more intimate role in your life, does it not?"

His hands wrenched Christian onto his back with a suddenness that knocked out his breath. Jumping onto the bed, he propped his legs on either side of Christian, enjoying the look of stunned horror on his face.

He bent his face dangerously close to Christian's, their heated breaths echoing in his ears. It would be so easy to just brush his lips against those delectable ones..

"I mean, do you see me how I see you Mr Grey?", he asked throatily, his fingers smoothly sliding down towards the towel. Pressing his very aroused self against his abdomen, he savoured the sight of Christian's widened eyes.

His fingers curled around the towel and ripped it off Christian's body before sending a momentary, yet languorous gaze downwards. His eyes returned, meeting Christian's stunned ones.

" Do you see me as a man, Mr. Grey?", he asked softly, before wrapping his hand around-

The feel of Taylor's bony fingers stroking him at the one place only Ana did brought Christian to senses from his earlier paralysed state. What the hell had gotten into Taylor?

His eyes flashed with fire as he curled his hand around Taylor's neck and with the force of a raging bull, threw him off the bed and onto the floor.

"OOF!", Taylor puffed when Christian neatly landed on his stomach. Their positions were reversed as now it was Christina straddling Taylor. Ignoring the sickeningly lustful look in his eyes, Christian bent down, till their faces were inches apart.

"What are you upto Taylor?", he growled threateningly. "And don't give me that bull about being gay! You're as straight as I am!"

"I - Am -Bisexual sir!", Taylor hissed with pain, his hands held captive on either do side by Christian's strong grip. "And you just happened to catch my attention! I wanted you! I desired you! And Mrs Grey was in the way! Why do you think I insisted we use your bedroom today? I wanted to take you in the one place you'd never let anyone else take you!"

Christian snorted and was about to say more when-


The bedroom door flew open and with a soaring heart, Christian saw it was Ana.

Her eyes widened with horror, taking in the scene of a naked Christian straddling Taylor, his hands tightly holding down Taylor's to the floor in a typical dom-sub manner, his face inches away from Taylor's...

Judging by the look of pure murder on her face, Christian realised with a sinking heart that she had just jumped to the worst possible conclusion...

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