Chapter 1

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"I'm so sorry Ana, but something urgent just came up and I really have to get going.", Christian apologised hurriedly getting up from the bed , snapping his phone shut. I sat up, modestly holding the sheets to my naked body, my eyes wide. I glanced at the clock and did a double take. It was 2 a.m ! What possible business could a man have to attend to at this hour?

I opened my mouth to say so to my husband but to my dismay, he's already dressed up in a casual shirt and rough blue jeans. He bends down and presses his lips lightly to mine. " Laters baby.", he murmers. " I love you." And just like that he's gone..

I curled up In bed, tears threatening to spill over at the cold loneliness of the bed Christian had vacated. Lately, he had been behaving very oddly. He often returned home late from work and this was the fifth night in a row he took off from our bed!

In the beginning I was damned sure he was planning a surprise for our anniversary in two weeks. The signs were all there for me to see. He would often receive mysterious calls from a mystery caller and suddenly disappear with a laughably weak excuse. I used to find that quite endearing actually, though he's a terrible actor.

And then it started to get suspicious. He started to receive more phone calls than usual. And now he's taken to rushing off to another room to hold his 'private conversations'. I tried to ignore it. Tried to convince myself that it was for the surprise. But the nagging doubt against my husband's fidelity continued to eat me from within.

And then I overheard one of his conversations and that was what finally did me in.

I choked back a sob as I remember overhearing his conversation.

"Thanks a lot for last night! Yes, I've thought about it. We should continue it for a little longer. Your hands really are..phenomenal. If only I  had known about your unusual talents before...Yes..same place, same time. Call me at this number... No! Don't try to meet up or talk to me personally! Ana might suspect something."

His words still echoed in my mind, convincing me that Christian was being unfaithful. I broke down and the tears started flowing freely..


Christian smiled as he closed the door of the hotel room behind him. It was time for his rendezvous with the last person he'd ever imagined to subject him to such exquisite pleasure. At long  last after a gruelling day at work, he could enjoy his secret pleasure that unfortunately his dear wife couldn't provide. Every night, they met at various hotels for their trysts and each morning, he left, a more relaxed and highly pleasured man.

He stripped, throwing his clothes into the corner and went to take a shower. A shower was important. He stood still, savoring the cold pelts of water against his skin before reaching out for the body wash he had bought on the way. He didn't dare keep one at home. Ana would most definitely  smell a rat if he suddenly decided to stock 'Heavenly Rose Haven' bath wash in their bathroom. And he was anxious to continue his appointments for as long as possible without the interruption of his wife catching him in the act. 

The sweet smell filled his nostrils, making him smile. The shower and body wash was important. It intensified the pleasure...

When he finished the shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and went out to the room. He glanced at the time impatiently. 'Where was-?'

There was a firm knock at the door. A relieved smile spread across his face and he marched across cross the room, flinging the door open. " About time!", he said severely, opening it wider for his night time visitor. "What kept you Taylor?"

Taylor closed the door behind him cautiously, never taking his eyes off Christian. " I'm sorry about the delay Mr. Grey. But I needed to check the security just one more time before our meeting."

"You were supposed to have done that before calling me.", a slight hint of impatience crept into his tone.

"Of course Sir, but I would be more at ease if I was completely sure about the safety of this place."

Christian sighed resignedly. "Well, are you ready now?", he asked quietly.

For the first time, Taylor's usually stoic face had an anticipated, almost gleeful expression on his face. His eyes lingered on Christian's muscular frame and he impatiently shook of his jacket. "I'm always ready sir.", he replied, barely contained excitement in his voice as he rolled up his sleeves.

Christian went to the bed and lay on his back."We don't have too long tonight.",he said quietly. "It's a little late..."

"It will be quick and pleasurable Mr. Grey.", Taylor replied sitting beside his employer. His hands slid smoothly over Christian's smooth back, pressing it lightly, making him moan. "After all I'm the best masseuse you could possibly get!"

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