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How To Win in Life

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Every species that fails to adapt to its environment dies. What is adaptation? Adaptation is the ability to change or be changed to fit changed circumstances. Imagine a person who fails to cooperate with the winter season. If you do not put the appropriate clothing, winter will kill you. How many people have lost opportunities because they were not willing to adapt? How many people decided to divorce because of the unwillingness to adapt to their spouses? Every opportunity lost can be traced to a failure to adapt. People have lost incredible friendships because of the unwillingness to adapt.

For you to succeed in life, you will need to learn the art of adaptation. A business that fails to adapt to the changing demands of its environment cannot last. A vast majority of people want to be successful but are not willing to pay the price of adaptation. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? The dog has to be willing to learn. It cannot be forced. Many people have not changed or updated their information bank. They still depend on the information that they received years ago. A lawyer who refuses to update himself with the latest or current laws in his or her specialty will not survive in the legal profession. A business that refuses to adapt to the changing needs and demands of its customers cannot survive in the market or in its industry.

Adaptation is necessary. If you are in Rome, you must do what Romans do. Adaptation is not synonymous to compromise. It is possible to adapt without compromising your values and what is important to you. I can assure you that every business that has been in its industry for quite a long period can attribute its success to its willingness to adapt to its business environment. The success of a marriage that has been together for many years can be attributed to its partners’ willingness to adapt to the needs of each other. Dinosaurs failed to adapt; that is why today they are extinct. Leaders who fail to adapt to the changing needs of their followers will soon walk alone.

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