The Signs Future

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Aries: Probably a scientist

Taurus: They will have a couple kids, and get married, will probably be a chef.

Cancer: They will most likely get married and have a nice family. Considering Cancer's are very sweet and kind. They will probably become a teacher.

Leo: A stripper

Virgo: They will most likely be successful. Most likely will get married and have kids. Will actually go to college.

Libra: This can go 2-ways. They will most likely go to college and get a great job, and have a good  life. Or. They will drop out of college and not get a good job, and will be slaving hard hours. Marriage won't work out.

Scorpio: They will most likely be successful and become a doctor. As for love, they may not get married but have a few kids.

Sagittarius: Will be a stay at home mom, with a large family. A male Sagittarius may be a electrician.

Capricorn: They will be successful due to their intelligence. May become a doctor. Love may or may not work because the Capricorn will be too invested in their work.

Aquarius: Will have a decent life and  will have 2 kids. Will have a fun family and job they enjoy.

Pisces: unsuccessful

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