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@OfficialValentinaRivera: feliz navidad everyone! or happy holidays, whichever you prefer!

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@OfficialValentinaRivera: i hope everyone has a wonderful day wit the people they love❤️


@username1: @OfficialValentinaRivera merry christmas!!!!


@username2: @OfficialValentinaRivera ahh feliz navidad!


@AnthonyMackie: merry christmas pragnet


@OfficialValentinaRivera: @AnthonyMackie merry christmas bird bran

New Message from sebastidamn👅


craciun fericit, valentina❤️

i'll see you later!


feliz navidad, seb❤️

i can't wait!


seb and val are so pure 

also suddenly want to write an elizabeth olsen fic #sendhelp999

fun fact: the baby has actually been born where i am #oops

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