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Chapter 24


My room was growing dark, as the light slowly faded- the orange tones of sunset fading to purple dusk. Dimly, I could hear the footsteps and voices of the students, chattering excitedly as they walked to their rooms after finishing dinner. My stomach contracted with hunger and I sighed, rolling over and clutching my stomach to try and reduce the pains. I'd hardly eaten anything all day, but I couldn’t face going down to dinner. Jo-Jo would be there and I had no idea how she’d react to me. I knew I had to apologise soon, before it was too late, but what if she still didn’t forgive me?

‘It’s your own fault,’ I rebuked myself. ‘She’s your friend and you should have trusted her more.’

Then again, I had trusted Alex as a friend, though not with my past. But I had still trusted him to be honest with me, yet he had never mentioned Stacey. So how was I meant to tell who I could trust and who I couldn’t?  I grew hot with anger as I thought of the situation he had carelessly thrown me in. If he’d have been truthful, none of this would have happened. I’d have known who Stacey was talking about and I’d still be with Jared…

I whimpered slightly at the thought, tears pooling in my eyes as I remembered how coolly he had rejected me. I couldn’t blame him really. I’d pushed him away again and again, and he still had no idea why. I guessed that finding out I’d spent the night with a guy who he already knew fancied me was the final straw.

‘Still,’ I thought angrily, wrapping my arms around the pillow and hugging it tight. ‘He could have at least let me explain!’


I sat upright as the sudden sound of banging on my door began.

“Go away!” I cried, not wanting to be disturbed.

“It’s me, Alex,” a voice called. “I need to talk to you.”

I stared at the door in outrage. I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to simply knock on my door! He must have heard about what happened with me and Stacey by now, and put two and two together and realised I knew. Was he stupid or something?

“I said, go away! I don’t want to talk to you!” I almost growled.

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