Chapter 20

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Cal takes a step backwards, his bow hangs at his side. His face is white in the dim light of the prison block. His eyes are fixed on mine; horror flickers within the silver flecks of his irises.

"I didn't mean to," he says.

The ground rumbles. Noises of the approaching storm echo down the corridor. Rubble falls from the ceiling, crumbling onto the body of Jekyll by my feet.

My fists clench at my sides. My muscles tense.

She is dead because of him.

I could have helped her.

I hear a flicker of movement behind – Crystal – but even she cannot distract me now.

I flash my teeth at Cal.

"Run," I say.

My voice is low – calmer than I feel.

"Mino..." he says, raising his hands in front of him.

I hear a growl making its way up my throat.

"RUN," I say again.

The Matchmaking Agents around him look to their leader for instruction, their bows raised. One of the girls pulls a black arrow from her quiver. I dart my eyes toward her.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you," I snarl.

She looks to Cal and he shakes his head – a subtle movement. He knows they cannot over power me.

The battle is still ongoing. War is coming. The storm is raging.

But what is the rage of War compared to the rage of the Minotaur?

Cal will pay for what he did.

"Mino," Crystal's voice comes from behind, "It was an accident. You can't kill him, you know that. We have a War to stop. Before it's too late."

Her voice does not soothe me. It does not quell the fire burning in my veins. It does not calm the storm raging within.

She's right. I cannot kill an original cupid. Not without the final arrow.

But I can trap him inside a labyrinth of his own making. I can trap him inside his mind. I can take away something he cares about, in the same way he has done to me.

"Crystal, take Remus. Stop the War. I have my own business to attend to."

I let a smile creep upon my face as I focus on Cal once more.

"I'm giving you a headstart, old friend," I say. "You would be wise to take it. Now... RUN."

I pause a moment.

And then I lurch forward.

"MINO!" shouts Crystal from behind. "NO!"

The agents by Cal charge at me. I hurl one back, dodge an arrow, then throw another into the nearest metal barred cell. Two more lunge at me. I punch the guy in the jaw, then grab the head of the girl who raised an arrow at me moments before.

"Sleep," I say.

She slumps down onto the floor.

Cal turns.

He runs.

I charge out of the prison corridor, onto the cracked tiles outside. Cal turns and shoots an arrow. I grab it in my fingers and crush it to ash. He continues to run. I pick up my pace.

We're heading closer to the battle. The floor shakes below the feet of the monsters. Battle cries fill my ears. The air carries the metallic scent of War.

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