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i'm about to swing by g's to grab food, 

want me to stop by juliet's for hot coco?


omg please🙏🙏🙏


alright, i'll be there in about ten?

is mrs. hudson still okay to buzz me



i CAN buzz you in, you know?


i know, but it's safer to have edna

do it, just in case someone's lurking


okay, okay😂

and yeah, hudson's willing to buzz you in.

 she also wanted me to thank you for helping

her with those shelves btw😁


tbh it's the least i could do for her,

she's been very helpful these last few

months tbh


i know, which is precisely why my christmas

present to her is a cruise trip for her and her



damn, i got her a vase...


she has a lot of flowers, she could use a vase😌


tru tru

okay, i've got the foot & am about to

head over to juliet's

be there in roughly fifteen minutes?


i'll get the plates ready😇


when their friends are unavailable to join them @ val's apartment, sebantina/valseb will enlist the help of val's 68yo neighbour, edna, to buzz seb in (he'll be in like a hoodie & a baseball cap to hide his face). in return, seb sometimes helps her around the apartment when her husband can't.

if edna's not available, and neither are their friends, then seb will risk his life climbing up the fire escape and coming through the gosh darn back window of val's apartment

thankfully, their friends are usually available & seb has only had to use the fire escape once

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