Chapter 6 ~ Percy

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Percy stood by the refreshments table. Then, he spotted a head of blond curls. The woman turned to him. It was.... Annabeth. She was smiling. Percy missed Annabeth. She was his everything. He took a cookie from the table and took a bite of it. Annabeth was eating one too.

He looked at the box. 'Hestia's Bakery' it read. Percy's favorite bakery in the kingdom. Hestia was the only one who made blueberry cookies. To accommodate the cookie, Percy took a glass of wine. (I don't think that would taste good.) He took a sip and set it down.

Annabeth seemed bored, in his opinion. She wasn't frowning, but wasn't smiling either. What was she doing. He sighed. His wife was very confusing at times.

On the other hand, he wanted to know about what was going on. The kingdom. Piper, Jason and Malcolm. The..... baby.

Percy mentally smacked himself. How could he have been so oblivious? Annabeth always seemed tired. She was constantly going to the bathroom. She had always told him she was just sick. Why hadn't he looked into it? Ugh! Life was unfair.

Percy sighed again. He decided he wanted one last dance with his wife before the troops rushed off to battle. He made his way over to her.

"Would you like this dance?" Percy asked, with an outstretched hand.
"I-I..... of course."

Annabeth took his hand. Percy chuckled to himself. He knew why she hesitated. Annabeth was no fan of dancing. Percy's as sure to trip over too. But that's why he loved her.

He led her to the floor. Soft violin music began to play. Annabeth could dance, she just didn't like to. To start, Percy put his arm on her waist. Annabeth gasped, as if she wasn't used to it. Then again, she didn't know it was him and thought he was some random soldier. He took her and she placed her other hand on his shoulder.

After a few minutes, Percy decided to add a flourish. He twirled her. Annabeth was shocked, he felt it. She looked him in the eye and spoke.

"You remind me of someone."
"I do?"

Percy recalled her saying the same thing at the camp. He had tried fixing his hair and wearing spectacles so he wasn't recognized.

"Yes." Annabeth replied.
"Who? If you don't mind my asking."
"My husband. He's been missing for a few months. I think you already knew."

They danced for a little while longer. Then Piper stood near the thrones, saying it was time for announcements. Annabeth left go of me and rushed up there. She took the spotlight from Piper. Piper didn't mind.

"I would like to make a few special announcements. First off, I would like to thank the soldiers in our army for fighting in our troops and never giving up hope. Thank you."

An applause. Percy smiled.

"And another announcement. I hope this will bring you up in better spirits. There will be a new addition to the royal family of Oceania."

A few whispers among the crowds of people. Percy caught a few words. 'What does she mean?' 'Is she....' 'Doesn't that mean..' Annabeth once again silenced the people.

"Yes, it means what you all are thinking. I am with child."

The people cheered. They all seemed excited when they heard the 'new addition' part. Percy chuckled. It was his baby. Then a suddenly thought hit him.

My baby. If I die, Annabeth's raising he or she by herself . I have to be with her again. I want to be there for it. I don't know what I'm doing with her. I have to tell her I love her.

Percy wanted to find Annabeth and just kiss her. It's been three long months. But no, he'll have to play it out. Whatever happens, he serving in the war, no staying behind and yelling orders. And he's going to make sure Kronos will die in some horrible way.

Percy some how survived the ball without being recognized. He rushed out the doors before his comrades did. All of the soldiers in the troops were drunk on wine. They were laughing happily, hiccuping too. Percy hated that. He just never got drunk. Well, there was one time, during the wedding ball.... Percy shook his head to clear his mind.

They troops arrived back at camp quickly. Everyone went back to their tents on Frank's command. Percy knew the general well. He was a dear friend. After so many years they had grown up and Percy became king, Frank becoming general. He sighed. The good old days.

Grover burst into the tent, drunk on wine.

Wow, they must have partied a lot tonight.

"Grover? Are you alright?" Percy asked.
"Oh fine. I -hic- wished I -hic- danced a bit more. I'm going to crash."

And with that, Grover fell face first on his bed. Percy almost laughed. He was glad his friend had a good time. Now, the war. Hopefully, the council had come up with something. He sat down on his bed, sharpening his knife. It helped him think.

He sighed and looked outside. The stars were bright tonight. Percy knew in his heart that Annabeth was looking at the same stars. His favorite star, the North Star, or Polaris, shone brightly. Polaris, to him, was a symbol of home. It led sailors back from other lands. It made him miss Annabeth even more.

Percy let loose the breath he didn't realize he was holding. Now that Annabeth made the baby official, she was going to be more of a target than ever. She was already a target, being a queen. Now, with the future heir of the throne of Oceania, she was going to get herself kidnapped. Percy didn't doubt that she could defend herself. But now, with the baby, she'd be weaker. Percy worried about that.

Percy wished he could confess all of his worries to someone. But he couldn't in order for his plan to work. He mentally groaned. Life was so unfair at times.

Percy decided these thoughts weren't going to help him, so he decided to sleep. The laid down on his bed and pulled the covers over himself. He shivered. It was a cold night with Annabeth. Soon, he fell asleep.

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