Where Are You Now ? pt.3

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Third person pov

Y/n looked at his arms, he was wearing a jacket but he knew very well what was underneath. The pain was somewhat relieving to him. He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He sat at his small dining table. Once again the feeling of loneliness took over him. He stared at the middle of the table the fight he had with her replaying in his mind. He didn't know if what he said was wrong. He just spoke his mind. He knew he's been keeping his pain for himself. Causing himself hurt. He sighed and then looked at the middle of his table. He stared clenching his jaw. He ran his hands through his hair then stood up screaming and threw a chair a side. He breathed heavily staring at his aching arms. He sat down again. He couldn't sit still. He felt a tear fall. He again shot up throwing another chair. He threw another chair. Stumbling backwards and falling onto the table then slid further and fell onto the last remaining chair breaking it then fell to the ground. He groaned at the impact just laying there aching. Aching as always.

"Y/n ?" Zayn called. He saw the mess. He walked over and saw his best friend with one leg on the table other over the leg of the chair his arms spread next to him while just laying on the broken chair. He walked over to him. He put his legs on the ground then let him sit up. He led him to his room. He sat him on the bed and got him his favourite shirt. He didn't mind joggers because only his shirt was ripped. He put it next to him then started to walk out.

"I can't." Y/n whispered weakly to Zayn. "Why ?" He turned to him. "My arms are injured." He said sighing. "How did you injure your arms ?" Zayn asked. Y/n was surprised but happy that Gigi and Bella really didn't reveal and stuck to their promise. Even if one of them is his girlfriend. "Help me take off my shirt." Y/n said. Zayn raised his brow but did it anyway. He saw his bandaged arms. He frowned at the sight. "First. How's your back ?" Zayn asked fearing what the bandages was covering. Y/n turned and Zayn saw a cut mark or two. "Let's fix that first." Zayn got the necessary and cleaned his back.
Zayn looked at his arms then slowly unwrapped them. He sighed and looked down.

"Y/n." He looked at his friend. "I'm sorry." He whispered. "No. Don't. I'm just glad you're here. I came to tell you something." He said wrapping it with new bandages. "What is it ?" Y/n asked. "Jeff said you are going to the Billboard awards. You are nominated." Zayn said. Y/n's jaw dropped. He looked at Zayn in disbelief. "No way !?" He laughed. "Yes." Zayn smiled. "You going ?" Y/n asked. "Yeah." Zayn said Y/n smiled hugging Zayn. He pulled away flinching in pain. "I forgot." He said. "Take it easy. Let's get you a song. And then relax. You're manager will meet us there for your practice." Zayn explained. "Thank you so much." He hugged him. "No biggie. I promise I won't tell anyone." Zayn said and Y/n smiled. "I know." He said causing Zayn to feel like their amount of years spent apart never happened. Zayn knew they could still trust each other like in the old days.

Day of Billboard Awards.

Y/n sighed then looked at the clock. He rolled out of bed and went to the kitchen and found Zayn already with coffee. "Here. I was about to wake you." Zayn chuckled. "Oh and morning." He added smiling. "Morning." He replied drinking his coffee. "So. We have a busy schedule. Gi is here in five. She'll fill us in. She spoke to our managers so we can do today together." Zayn said and Y/n nodded smiling. They heard the door open and close quickly muffling the noise of annoying paps and favourite fans. "Speaking of the devil." Y/n chuckled then hugged Gigi. "So you have fittings. Then your flight. Dressing. Lunch. Then a sound check. Then red carpet. And then you blow the world away." Gigi said the last part looking at Y/n. "Gi your truly the best. I love the fact that you got us lunch." He added laughing. "Yeah. Bells and I will join you and Zayn at lunch. I have to bounce. Bella and I have fittings. Love ya." She kissed his cheek and a hug. She gave Zayn a longer kiss on the lips and a hug. "Y/n hun, remember to cover those." Gigi held his hands then glanced at his arms. He sighed and nodded with a smile. She gave him a peck on the cheek then went out. "Ready for the busy day ?" Zayn asked walking to the room. "One step at a time." Y/n said parting to his room Zayn happily gave to him. Zayn told Y/n to come live with him after the sad encounter he had. Y/n had broke his tv with one chair. Threw a hole in his bedroom door with another chair and his shower is broken. His couch also got damaged with the same chair as the tv. It was horrible. So he let him stay with him. It's three weeks later. Gigi, Bella, Zayn and Y/n have grown closer. Jeff, Lauren and Camila were constantly worried about him but they did let him be him. As long as he sent them messages or they face timed. Often the people he hubg with now was with and they started to enjoy their company. They were all secretly bonding over how mad they are at Kendall and Kris. Mostly Kris, Kendall wasn't aware of her actions.

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