After the Kiss - Part 2

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"What?" I asked Malcolm, his words not really processing in my brain.

"Oh. My. Fucking. God. Alex." Malcolm bobbed his head with each word. "ALEX."

"MALCOLM," I shouted back, "I don't even know what you're talking about or why I should care."

Malcolm stretched his arms out in front of him and inhaled deeply like someone going through labor pains. "Okay. Liam is in my history class―I didn't tell you because you said you hated him after what happened. But he saw your bruise and asked me what happened, and I wasn't going to tell him because I wouldn't betray you like that but..." Malcolm trailed off and then winced, "Fuck, he has gorgeous eyes and they looked so concerned, so I told him―don't get mad."

I rolled my eyes.

"I didn't tell him the details though, but I guess he found out, so he punched Dameon Paulson."

"The guy who punched me?" I questioned. "But he was suspended. He shouldn't have been on school grounds."

"Oh my god. Okay, so, like, that's the cherry on top. It was at the Tim Hortons' right around the corner, technically off school grounds, right? But Dameon's mom was there. Liam punched Dameon right in front of his mom." Malcolm was grinning like it was the story of the century.

I wasn't sure if Liam would even do something like that. Punching, yeah, obviously, he'd done it before. But in front of the guy's mom? That had to be something altered down the rumor trail. "Who did you hear this from?"

"I have sources. Anyway, Reed, like, he's the one who should have punched Dameon."

I pursed my lips. "No one needed to punch Dameon."

"What did Reed do when you told him what happened?"

I shifted my eyes. "He laughed?"

"Your boyfriend laughed but your ex-best friend got revenge," Malcolm shouted.

"Can you calm the fuck down? It's none of my business what Liam does. Him punching Demon or whatever doesn't change anything." I frowned. "Besides, Reed didn't laugh at me. He said I was cool," I told Malcolm, trying to play down my bragging.

"Reed has been telling everyone he got your ass," Malcolm said.

"So?" I shrugged. "He did."

Malcolm looked at me like I was beyond hope. "I would choose Liam over Reed any day."

"Yeah, well, Liam is straight. He doesn't want to date me or be my friend," I snapped. "So he can go fuck himself while I let Reed fuck me."

Malcolm's jaw dropped. "Wow."

I glanced down at my plate of fries, feeling guilty and slightly embarrassed. "Sorry."

Malcolm stole a fry and bit it in half. "Thanks for the MTV drama. I'm just going to watch it all unfold."

I didn't know what Malcolm meant by that, but things did, in fact, become even more like an MTV drama.


After dealing with Reed's acquaintances throwing me obscene sexual gestures in the hallway for a couple of weeks, and one even asking to get a sample of my "sex voice," I grew a bit fed up.

I realized that it actually wasn't okay that Reed was telling everyone about our sexual activities. After Liam's suspension, I had slept with Reed again. I guess the ordeal made him jealous because when we got together that weekend, he was especially rough and possessive in bed. Him asking, "Whose bitch are you?" was a serious turn-off and I started to wonder why was I dating Reed. Was it simply because he had flirted with me? Was it because an opportunity I thought was impossible fell into my lap?  However, at the same time, his possessiveness made me feel special.

I invited Reed to my house while my mom was at my tía's, planning to talk to him about keeping our sex life between us, and also, don't call me a bitch again.

"You don't like that kind of thing?" Reed asked lowly against my lips, leaning over towards me on the bed. "It turns me on, though."

I wrinkled my nose. "Yeah, but... it turns me off?"

Reed's hand slipped under my shirt and he kissed my neck as his fingers slid against my skin. "I don't mean it in a bad way," he explained, then pushed me down back on the mattress. "God, you make me so horny," he groaned. His pelvis pressed against mine as his teeth sunk into my neck, coaxing out a whimper from me. But I didn't want this. We hadn't solved anything, not to mention I hadn't even brought up the Don't Tell Your Friends All Our Business stuff.

"Wait, Reed." I tried to push him off. "We're not done talking."

"We're done," he told me, hand reaching for the buttons of my jeans. I only realized then that he'd already unfastened my belt.

"Wait, Reed―Ah!" His tongue on my nipple fogged my mind for a second as my arms that were trying to push him away went a little limp. Did I need to slap him to wake us both up?

I tried to slide from under Reed to escape, pushing his head back, when a knock sounded on my closed bedroom door, causing us both to freeze.

"Alex?" called a voice softly.

It was a male voice. Who? Other than Malcolm, whose voice was more nasal, and Reed who was right on top of me, I didn't know any other guys who would be knocking on my door. My cousins lived further away and only came on holidays. Plus, they all called me Ale-Alejandro just to piss me off.

"Alex?" the male said again and the door opened.

There I was lying on the bed, bare chest exposed and pants unfastened, Reed's body hovering the lower half of mine, my hand on top of Reed's head, as Liam stood in my doorway. All three of us looked at each other with wide eyes.

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