3~No old strings attached.

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Marie-Anne's POV

"Ms. Jean, where is your client?" The judge asks. I stand there looking around, everyone stares at me waiting for an answer.

"I don't know, your honor," I say honestly, "just please give me ten more minutes." I say in a begging manner.

"I've given you twenty, Ms. Jean," she says. She looks at my hopeless face, and lets out a sigh, "you have ten minutes and if your client do not show up after that, I will have a warrant issued for his arrest."

"Thank you, your honor," I say exiting the courtroom. This boy better have a good reason for being late, he comes on time every day for a week and the last day where he'll know if he is guilty or not he doesn't show up. I pace in the hallway and dial his number, when he doesn't answer I dial his father's number, still no answer.

Okay, there is one more person that might know where they are, Dylan. I don't think he still has the same number. The courtroom door opens and Tyler comes out. "You don't think he fled the country, do you?" He asks his hands inside his pants pocket.

"I honestly don't know," I tell him.

"Stop," he says touching my shoulders. "It will be fine," he says massaging my shoulders to relax.

"Yeah for you, he'll get a warrant out for his arrest and you win," I tell him.

"When did I ever care about winning with you?" He asks.

I pull away from him and start pacing again. He's right, he's never cared about winning with me. Just when I thought I was about to lose my mind, Mr. Smith appears with his son and Dylan. They are laughing, "really guys? Where were you?"

"Sorry, we had to stop for ice cream," Mr. Smith says.

"At nine in the morning?" I ask.

"Yes, if I am guilty, I want to enjoy myself," his son says.

"Couldn't you guys, get out the house early to get your stupid ice cream?" I ask.

"We did, but we had to eat outside, we don't want to get brain freeze by eating to fast now do we?" Mr. Smith asks.

"Yeah, we couldn't eat inside, you know eating is not allowed in the courtroom," Dylan says with a smirk on his face. Is he serious right now? They shouldn't have been getting ice cream in the first place.

"Get your asses inside," I tell them pushing the boy. I try to be professional, but they make my ghetto side come out every day. They walk in the courtroom and the boy go up front. Tyler follows and we stand up getting ready to begin. "I would like to apologize on behalf of my client to the court, your honor," I say before beginning.

"Save your apology, Jean and get started," the judge says. Great, a judge now hates me because of them. The last thing you need as a lawyer is a judge who doesn't like you.


"Has the jury reached a verdict?" The judge asks the jury as we stand waiting for the words that could either make me or break me.

"Yes we have your honor," one of the jurors says.

"How do you find?" The judge asks.

"On the counts of second degree rape and first degree murder, we find the defendant, Walter Smith, not guilty." The juror says and I let out a sigh. A smile appears in my face.

"You are now a free man, Mr. Smith," the judge tells my client. He nods his head and gives me a hug. I pull away and wipe down my jacket, I hate when people hug me.

"Thank you Ms. Jean and good job," his father says walking up to us. I nod my head and grab my stuff leaving the courtroom. I'm done with this stupid case, thank goodness, that means that I don't have to see Dylan's ugly face no more.

"Jean," Tyler yells after me. "Good job," he says giving me a handshake.

"Thank you," I tell him. We walk outside the courthouse together and stop before reaching the steps, "I'm sorry, I guess the D.A is about to give you a hard time, huh?" I ask him.

"Yeah, but it's fine, you won fair and square. Hey, maybe he didn't even do it," he says full of hope.

"Tyler," he looks at me, he likes when I call him his first name, "we both know he did, you guys just didn't have enough evidence." I tell him.

"Maybe we could try him again and make sure he doesn't hire you," he says jokingly.

"Mhmm, double jeopardy," I tell him. I like the double jeopardy law, that's why I'm always telling Tyler if you do not have evidence do not bring somebody to court because you can never do it again.

"Yeah," he says looking like he is thinking of something, "let me take you out tonight." He says.

"Yeah, we do need to celebrate my victory," I say "but, I'll come over instead," I tell him. I look down below on the steps and see Dylan staring at me while Mr. Smith talks to the press. I stare back at him and he pretends like he wasn't staring. "I got to go," I tell him leaving.

As soon as I step on the steps the press starts covering me, I should have taken the back entrance. "Ms. Jean do you really believe that Mr. Smith is guilty?" One of them asks.

"How does it fell wining on of the biggest cases in the city?" Another asks.

"Don't you feel like you put a rapist and murderer on the streets?" Another one asks.


I open my front door and toss my heels by the door, I see Esther, my best friend, lying down on the sofa sleeping. I go to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water, "sorry did I wake you?" I ask Esther when I see her sitting up when I come back to the living room.

"No, how was your case?" She asks.

"Well, I won," I tell her.

"Oh good, I'm off tonight, let's go drinking," she says.

"Sorry, but I'm going over to Tyler's," I tell her.

"Oh," she says with a frown, "I still don't see what you see in him."

"Esther, he is a good man, you haven't even tried to get to know him," I tell her taking a seat next to her on the sofa.

"But, you will never be happy with him. You guys are not even allowed to date, you both can lose your jobs. If he was such a good man, he would have quit his job for you," she says.

"Esther, we are not in love or anything, why would he quit his job? We're just playing around," I tell her. "He has a job, has no baby mamas, has no kids, he has a good dick, he's handsome, I don't see what's so wrong about him and don't forget he's black." I tell her taking a sip of my water.

"But, you like white guys," she says.

"No, I don't," I tell her. Okay, maybe I do, but she doesn't need to know that.

"Mhmm, whatever," she says rolling her eyes at me. I get up and walk to my room to take a nap, It's been a busy week.

Esther is probably right, Tyler is not my type, but I don't know he seems so right. I'm busy with my career, I don't have time for a relationship and I think he feels the same way. We both have needs and we don't want to go through the process of dating and making time for other people so we satisfy each others' needs. There are no strings attached and no feelings.


Thanks for reading.


Au revoir...

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