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An Encounter with a Vampire

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Serena never took much notice of her friends being gone all the time. She just thought that they might of have to leave because of their parents calling them home for dinner or chores or something like that. They always seem to leave her when she most needs them. But one evening when they are gone shopping, after coming out to the carpark, Serena is left along. This michevious boy is wandering around, but Serena dosnt take much notice of him until she saw scars on his face and hands. Is this boy dangerous, or his he just another normal person from the neighbourhood? Or maybe so, he might not be human, but maybe even a monster for all Serena knows.


After school, Serena and her friends decided to go into town since it was Friday, and they had a day of homework. They were so excited about going to the new shop that just opened called "Ella Belle" and it was supposed to be amazing! Serena made sure that she had permission of her mother and father that she could go out that night, and her asking was accepted. She had a bit of money, but not alot. She had a little over fourty euro, but when you think of it, that is only going to get you about two outfits and a meal in McDonalds if they were lucky. But this didn't bother Serena. She already had everything she wanted, and she lived in a beautifal mansion. Although she was made out to be rich, which her parents were, she didn't like asking her mother and father when she ran low. She prefered to earn her money by doing chores around the house and helping out down at her fathers buisness. The clock was ticking, and it was almost time to leave to hit town, so Serena grabbed her few things and popped them in to her Louise Vitton handbag, and was on her way. She exited her home, and her friends were waiting outside for her. Megan, Serenas best friends, was getting her mom to drive them into town.

At about seven o' clock, Serena and her friends were in town. They kept their handbags and phones close to them, just in case anyone would take them. They had to be on the safe-side when they went into town. They looked at various shops and bought a few nice pairs of shoes and tops. Serena didnt spend her money yet, because she was saving it for something that caught her eye straight away when she set eyes on it. But unfortunatly, that didn't happen that night, and Serena ended up spending her money on a teddy, some cards, a pair of cheep sunglasses, cheap high heels she saw on sale for four euro, some sweets and a McDonalds. Well atleast she was happy with her purchases. It was nearly ten o'clock, and it was dark in town so Megan called her mother to come for the girls. They waited in the carpark, but they left Serena. Serena didn't mind because she told them to leave her, she was just a bit suprised they did. Serena wandered lonely around the carpark which was empty of any cars. They was an odd one or two parked in every few corners of the dark carpark though. Serena was begining to regret her decision of being left in the carpark, but she didn't want to go home just yet. She wasn't ready.

A little while later, Serena looked around the carpark. Most cars were gone by now because all the shops were closing and it was pitch dark outside, only the moonlight lit up the town. Serena was bored of waiting, so she pulled her phone out of her handbag, when suddenly she faintly noticed a figure in the dark corner of the carpark. She focused on the figure for a few seconds and then realised that it was a boy. He looked the same age as her, 16, and was very pale. He was quite tall and had brown hair. She focused on him for another few seconds, and then noticed some scars on his face and hands. And something that looked like a bite mark on his neck, or maybe it was just a scar from something else. She didn't realy know because the boy had his neck covered with a scarf. The boy saw that Serena had notcied him, and started walking quickly up the ramp out of the carpark. Serena followed him.

He wandered into a dark forest. Serena could just about make out that he was there, but then suddenly he vanished. Who was this misterious boy? Was he even a boy? What was all the scars on his hands and face from? And even worse, what was the mark on his neck from? Could it realy be a bite mark? No it couldnt of been, Serena thought. He was just a boy wondering in the carpark. He was probely waiting for his friends or somethins, and then decided to meet them in the forest. Wait, that was a pretty weird place to meet at midnight, Serena thought. And then she realised something. "Its midnight?" she screamed. My parents will kill me! she thought to herself. She called a taxi, it was hard to get on a Friday night, and was brought home. Atleast she didn't get into trouble with her parents, she was just sent to bed straight away.

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