Where Are You Now ? pt.2

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Gigi pov

Bella and I came to Y/n's because Zayn couldn't make it. And I really want to know the truth. And I also took Bella. Because she wants to know too. I really care about Y/n. He's really genuine. Real. He's just amazing. Such a likeable guy. Him and Zayn go way back. Him and Bella had dated in primary school. But it was just high school crush. When they broke up, they weren't even sad. I was ready to beat his ass. But I found out they were better off as friends. She sees him as a best friend, a brother, so does Zayn. I do too. We really get along well. He shares a lot with me. Well did. He doesn't seem to realise how many people actually care about him. Just because all the drama. He drifted apart when all the fucking drama that Kris made. We all think Kris did it. Kendall is the victim and Y/n is the suspect, victim and pray. Kendall and Y/n is the victim and Kris is the suspect. She the one who did it all. I swear to god I'll make her ass apologise. Y/n isolated himself so much it's so unhealthy.

I pulled up to a old looking house. I parked my car and got out with Bella trailing behind me. "Sure this is the address ?" I asked her. "It's in his handwriting." She showed the paper that was handed to Zayn. I looked through the window and saw a carpet on the floor. It's a carpet that Bella and I had made for him. I nudged Bella and pointed at the carpet. She smiled like I did at the carpet. "He's so sweet." She said. I knocked on the door. That's when I heard the sound of glass breaking. I looked at Bella we both had frowns. "Maybe he isn't expecting visitors." She frowned. I knocked again. After a few seconds the sound of breaking glass was worse. I started pushing on the door while holding the handle down. "I thinks it's locked." I huffed. I didn't spare Bella a glance as we both hit the door with our shoulders after standing back two steps and running into the door. We did it twice and the door opened. We closed the door as we ran in.

I heard more glass. I ran to the remaining shattering sound. I saw Y/n in a shower with bleeding arms. I stared at his arms. Then jumped into action. I told Bella what to get. As tears started running down her face. I got into the shower next to Y/n and cupped his cheek. Careful of the glass. Trying to get his attention. It seemed to work. He gave me a sign. Bella took him by the upper arms, I wrapped my arms around his body. I carried him around his upper body and Bella at his legs.

After he fell asleep, I cleaned and bandaged his arms. Bella was hugging me from behind digging her face in my back while handing me everything. She was sniffling. She hated it to see him hurt. When I was done I comforted her then we made ourselves some coffee. Knowing Y/n he'd say. 'Make yourself at home'. But what made me sad was when I opened the cupboards there was only four of each. Luckily Bella didn't see. I let her sit on the couch and watch tv. We had to dust it off first. I made coco for Bella it for her. She drank it and fell asleep. I searched the closets and found a blanket. I covered Bella. Since it was kind of cold in the rest of the house. Y/n's room is nice and cozy. I decided to go and sit and check on him. After a while I decided to order some burgers. I am really hungry. I finished ordering it when I saw Y/n staring at his arms.

"You scared the living fuck out of me." I said still not looking at him as I am to afraid I'd start crying. Thinking of it we didn't come that time. If we couldn't get the door open. "I never meant for anyone to see this part of me." He whispered his voice cracking. I looked at him sadly. He had tears in his eyes. My anger faded as I saw it. I could finally see what the papparazi was failing to capture. The hurt in his eyes, the vulnerability floating in his eyes. I sighed and turned to him I wiped his tears away and made him face me. "Gi, I fell asleep. How is Y/n doing ?" Bella asked she saw him and stopped. He looked away sighing. "I'm sorry Bella." He said softly. "There is absolutely nothing to apologise for." Bella walked over to him cupping his face and wiping his tears away with her thumbs. She kissed his nose and sat back wrapping the blanket over her shoulders again. "I love you no matter what. Because brother and sisters stick together 'till the end." She said. He smiled at her. He pulled her into a hug. "She's right. Y/n. You're like our brother, my little brother and her big brother. But either way still our brother." I said and he hugged me too. He smiled at me. We helped him sit upright since he couldn't apply pressure on his forearms. "Thanks girls. But can you promise me something ?" He asked looking in our eyes. "Okay." I nodded. "Sure." Bella nodded. "You won't tell anyone about this ? Please ?" He asked breaking down. I hugged him along with Bella. "I promise." Bella and I said in unison. "But tell me one thing." Bella said. I pulled away from the hug but held his hand, he didn't let go.

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