The Evil Minions >:)

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Catherine's POV

So Hydra is going with her friend when her friend comes and me and Austin and Elle will go to maybe Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. I am probably going to get freaked out and Austin too but we will see. I am honestly so scared. I am not worried about Hydra at all because she will still be with an adult. Also we want her to be more social. But I could tell Austin is an it worried because he had never met her friend before neither have I but I believe Hydra pick good friends.

Austin's POV

I am a bit worried about Hydra....I mean they grow up too fast! Next thing I know she will get a boyfriend and Elle will too and MY LIFE IS GOING TO BE OVER!!!

Hydra's POV

So Austin have been rather silent. We were heading to get food. I think Austin was worried about something. I don't know what though. Wait.....Never mind I know now. He is worried about leaving me with my friend. All I hope is that she doesn't bring her older sister. Which she probably will but her sister is nothing like her. Her sister is bad and steals stuff.....That kind of gal and if she is asked to do something she had to get something back. She doesn't do really good things. But everybody needs to have a chance right? But she says her sister is really caring at home without her friends. Her friends are her bad influences. That's why she is probably coming to prove that she is cool by "Paying for all the tickets" When actually Austin and Catherine paid for them. Anyways while we were eating Catherine suddenly looked behind my shoulder and said "Is that your friend?" In a nervous tone. Then I turned around and saw her older sister there. Smoking. Then I said "N-" Then her sister said "What up?" Then I said "Where is your sister?" Then she said "Right here...." Then I said "Who?" Then I heard screaming from Catherine so I quickly turned around and saw a little girl biting Catherine's leg. Then suddenly a voice said "SHOO SHOO!! GET OFF HER LEG!!" Then I looked up it was my ACTUAL friend. So then she said "Sorry that girl that is smoking is my big sister. And that girl that just bit your leg is my little sister." Then Catherine said "Uh huh..." In a nervous way. Then I said "Don't worry this one is my friend." Then my friend said "Oh yeah Hydra I forgot to tell you my name it is Sav. Well it is actually Savage. But please call me Sav my parents like to name us....Let's say....unusual names....." Then I said "Well I never knew you had a little sister." Then she said "Yeah sorry we count her as a pet that chases us around. Don't worry it is not offensive to her she want us to call her tha-" She got interrupted by loud rock music we turned to the direction we heard it from and saw her sister smoking with her I guess "Crew" And they took over the Star Wars Show and went on their stage and started using their electric guitars 🎸 plugged in and dialed very loudly. Then Austin said....Well I should say screamed "I LIKE YOUR FRIEND BUT HER SIBLINGS?" Then I said "I FIND HER LITTLE SISTER KINDA CUTE" Then he said "NO I AM FINE WITH HER LITTLE SISTER I MEANT HER BIGGER ONE" (By the way the caps is just them yelling over the music not them arguing) Then I said "HER SISTER IS FINE I MEAN SHE IS OLD ENOUGH TO DO THE STUFF IT IS NOT LIKE SHE HAS ANYTHING TO HURT US" Then Sav's big sister took out a gun and shot it up in the sky 🌌It disappeared. Then Austin gave me the "Now you were saying face" Then I said "WELL IT DIDN'T HURT ANYBODY" Then Austin said "LOOK I DON'T CARE WHAT PERSONALLY THEY ARE OKAY? IT IS YOUR FRIENDS JUST DON'T GET INTO TROUBLE." Then I said "I WON'T"

Author's side note: I am not trying to make Austin and Catherine look bad and look like they are stereotypical or like judges people they don't. I am just making sure you know that they don't just throw Elle and leave to do something fun. They do take care of their child. So don't hate on them please this is just a story.
Now back to the story

Then Austin said "Go have fun with your friend" Then I said "Okay" We were barely able to hear each other but we could still hear. So Me and Sav went around and played games that were for older people and would not let babies on. I literally thought I was going to die on some of them. We went on some just animation rides like The Pirates And The Caribbean one. And then we decided to go over to Disney Hollywood   Studios and went on some rides.

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