Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
Pancakes. 🥞


I slammed my hand down on the snooze button.

Peace and quiet.

Spoke to soon. The next second Cat and Lu, were jumping on me asking, what's for breakfast and that they wanted pancakes.

"Ah. Ok, give me a minute to change" I mumbled into the pillow.

"Yay!" They screamed in union.
I got up grabbed my bag and made my way to the bathroom.
After a nice worm shower I started to get changed. Yep I have showers here in the morning and night. The girls parents don't mind, they do it all the time anyway. And I just like taking advantage of there worm showers.
I grabbed my clothes which was a green crop top and black ripped skinny jeans, with adidas shoes that I stole... don't tell Luna, she will kill me.
Expressly if she found out that most of her clothes were shop lifted as well...

I was down stairs with Cat and Lu making the pancakes well the other two slept

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I was down stairs with Cat and Lu making the pancakes well the other two slept.

After I made the pancakes we put maple syrup on them and a hole bunch of expensive fruits.
"We should wake the other two up, it's already 10:00" I said to the other two.
"Yeah, we will wake up Riley and you can walk up Emma" Catherine said as she took off running up the stairs with Luna right behind her.
They always want to walk up Riley because she has the most funniest reactions.
I jog up the stairs after the other two, and turn into Em's room.
Her room has LOTS of purple, it looked like a princesses room. It's so fricken cute!

Emma was snoring softly, and I giggled coming to sit next to her

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Emma was snoring softly, and I giggled coming to sit next to her.
"Hey girly, we made pancakes" I whisper softly into her ear, and her eyes slowly flutter open.
"Morning Mia" she smiles "did you say pancakes?" She sits up fast.
"Wow, if you get up that fast you'll get a headache" I say in a soothing voice.
"So yes to the pancakes?"
"Yes" I giggle.

We walk down the hall to see Riley screaming with really messy hair.
"Aww, your so cute in to morning Ri" I tease, gripping her in a hug from behind.
"Morning Mia" she mumbles as she turned and glared at me.

"So I take it you 'did' know there was pancakes down stairs?"
After that was said everyone was running down... so cute.

I laughed, and started chasing after them.

When I got down stairs there was four pancakes left for me and everyone else had three, but Riley also had four. I guess she's the one who came here first.

We eat our break fast and joked around, not once was it quiet.

When we were finished, and we're all laughing and washing the dishes.

Lara came in.

"Oh, hay Mrs Smith" I said smiling at her, "how was your night? Your back early?"
"Oh yes my night was fine. Yes I'm back early, you can leave once your done here. I'll be in my room havering a bath if there's an emergency" she said nodding towards all of us, and heading up to her room.
Wow, what a loving mother.
At least the girls had there father. He was nice.

Once everything was clean, me an Luna packed our bag and left after we got hugs from all the girls, who begged us not to go.
"Oh Mia, here's your payment" Mrs Smith said coming out of her room with $150
"thank you Mrs Smith" I said Taking it from her and wavering good bye to girls, "see you guys next weekend"
They all said bye again and we went to my car.

When we got home it was 3:00 because we were at the park for a while since Lu wanted to.

I creeped through the house to see if our father was home... he wasn't.
Probably at the pub.
"Lu! You can come in, he's not here" I yelled out the window, seeing her in the car.
Once she was inside I picked up one of the floor boards in our room that was under the scruffy rug, and put the money Mrs Smith gave us in it.
Altogether We probably had $2000 but that wouldn't last that long if we were to leave this place.

The rest of Sunday we did random things around the house, like practice my next songs for singing at the bar and our yoga lessons... yes I do yoga, and make Lu do it with me.
It was apart of the agreement we have.
The agreement was that if I brought her, her tablet, we would do yoga lessons on it.

When dad came home he was a drunk mess, like all ways.
Believe it or not he's stronger when he's drunk.
So Lu was hiding in the closet in our room.

"WHERE'S DINNER IM HUNGRY!!!" He shouted pointing to me, "and grab me a beer you useless slut" he growled, slapping me.
I hurried away and heated left overs from two days ago, lamb and mashed potatoes.
I grabbed a beer from the fridge and put three sleeping pills in. This should knock him out in a matter of minutes.

I hide the pills and walk into the lounge were our father is watching TV.
"great, you can leave now bitch" he snares.
I nod and turn to go, but he stands up and grabs my wrist.
"I got a phone call today... do you want to explain WHY YOU GOT EXPELLED FROM YOUR 6th FRICKEN SCHOOL!" He screams, wrapping his hand around my throat tightly.
"S-s-sto-p, c-c-c-cann-t-t b-breath" I say struggling in his grasp.
"Useless bìtch, I knew you weren't worth the education! Or anything else for that madder" He said, his voice dripping with venom.
"GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, I can't even look at you!" He screamed, snapping the last part.
I ran out of there and in to Luna's and my room.
I've learnt not to cry, I've learnt to lock those emotions were no one can see them, if people see me crying. That's when you know I've reached my breaking point.

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