Chapter Two

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Edited: October 9, 2017

Its a dark forest. Nobody's around. I smell something. Its sweet, and intriguing. I follow it. I stop when I see a beautiful man. I can't see his face. Its too dark. He turns around. His face-

"Layla! Get up!" Angie yells in my ear. I jump up.

"Angie, what the heck?!" I screech.

"Its time for training," she says, getting off my bed.

"What time is it?" I grumble, putting a pillow over my head.

"Oh, you know, 4:30 in the morning..." Angie trails off.


"A little, yea. What time did your old pack wake up?" She asks, tightening her shoe laces. I feel a slight pang when she mentions my old pack.

"Like 7, but it definitely wasn't this early," I say, sitting up.

"Well, get ready or Alpha will punish you for being late." She says, skipping out if my room. God, how can she be so cheerful at 4:30 in the freaking morning?!

I slowly get out of bed, dragging myself into the shower. Thankfully, the shower wakes me up a bit. Eventually, I turn off the water and step out. Of course I forgot a towel. As if my day couldn't get any worst. I mumble curse words to myself as I walk into my room, leaving droplets of water every where I go.

"I sent Angie to wake you up, but she said you didn't really want to so I thought I would-" someone's voice says, pushing my door open. I scream and quickly grab my towel and race into the bathroom. Sadly, I couldn't get there in time.

"Can't you just knock?!" I yell at the person.

"Can't you try to remember a towel?" The familiar voice says. A sweet, woodsy scent fills my nose.

"Sorry, Alpha." I bow my head, clinging the towel to my damp body.

"Its OK. Be downstairs for training in 10 minutes," he says sternly.

"OK, Alpha." I say, raising my head, sure that my face was red. He leaves with a slight wave, pulling the door closed behind him. I dry myself off and drop my towel on my floor, not caring.

My day has hardly begun and I'm already wishing for it to be over. I grab some clothes from my drawers. I settle on black and white athletic shorts and a black sports bra. I guess you can say black is my favorite color. I pull on my Nike flex, I'm the colors -you guessed it- black and white. I quickly throw my dull, brown hair into an elastic, grabbing my phone and earbuds, and running downstairs, just in time.

"How nice of you to join us, Layla," Alpha says, teasing in his voice.

"Sorry for being late, Alpha." I say quietly. Everyone's eyes are on me. I feel myself blushing. By 'just in time' I mean, just in time to get called out for being late. Of course.

"Try being on time, tomorrow," he says, turning away from me. I feel my wolf growling at him. Don't. I tell her.

'He doesn't have the right to embarrass us like that.' She growls.

"Yea he does. He's Alpha." I point out.

'So? Doesn't mean he gets to act like a dou-' I silence her, so I can try to focus on what Alpha's saying.

"Alright, so were going to go outside and run a lap or two, do some basic drills and practise our lunges. Choose your partner." He speaks clearly. Angie and I automatically choose each other. Soon, everyone has a partner, and were all outside.

Alpha commands everyone to shift, so he can see our wolves. Hesitantly, I shift into my caramel colored wolf. My bones crack and dislocate as I get closer to the ground and my canines come out. My pale skin is quickly replaced by my shiny fur.

I look over at Angie. Her wolf is absolutely stunning! Its a dark, almost black, brown wolf, with hints of blond poking out. Her fur is so fluffy and her eyes are a piercing green.

"Your wolf is so pretty!" I walk up to her, my nails clacking against the gravel.

"Thank you! So is yours," she gushes, admiring my golden caramel coat. We talk to each other quietly, mostly about each other's wolf.

"Enough!" Alpha barks, walking up to us. I can't help but gasp at him. His wolf is gorgeous.

He's an all black wolf with sliver on his ears and his paws. I can't help but swoon over him. My wolf purrs loudly at him. I mentally tell her to shut up before he hears.

"Don't think I didn't hear that, Layla." He smirks at me, flicking his tail playfully at me. He sprints off into the woods. A few follow him, right on his heels. I glance over at Angie, to see her ready to run. We both start running after them. Apparently, I'm a pretty fast wolf, because I quickly catch up to Alpha. By catch up, I mean I end up actually running into him. Like, straight into him.

We end up tumbling over each other. He lands on top of me. At first, I yelp but, its quickly replaced with loud, embarrassing purrs at being so close to him.

"H-hi, Alpha," I say sheepishly.

"Hello Layla." He says, not moving from me. I see a smile forming.

"Would you mind moving, please?" I ask, not really wanting him to.

"Oh, uh yea." He says, not moving.

"You're kinda crushing me, Alpha," I hold back a laugh. A group has started to form around us.

"Sorry," he says, finally getting up, and backing away a little. "Are you OK?"

"Yea," I say, shaking my fur. He walks over to me and stops right by my ear. I get ready for him to yell at me, but instead he licks me. I gasp, jumping back.

"I'll see you later, Layla," he says, smiling. He turns and runs back towards the house. Angie runs up to me.

"Oh my gosh!" She squeals.

"What?" I ask, laying down.

"He's totally into you!" She prances around, squealing. Everyone starts running away, after Alpha.

"I doubt it," I say simply, licking my paws.

"Yes he is. I can tell," she says, walking over to me. "Anyway, we have to get back to training." I roll my eyes.

I officially hate training.


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