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It was just a normal day for everyone including me. I was just lying on my bed with my laptop open, online on FB but barely doing nothing. I am so bored! Is there anything I can do at this moment? I just can’t think of anything to do. I am so tired looking at my laptop’s screen. Then I looked at the clock and the time is 11:11. I really don’t know what’s behind this time but there is a superstition that when 11:11 strikes, a person should make a wish. And that’s what I did.

“I wish that I could find it someday.”

And that’s my wish…everyday. It’s vague, right? How is it possible that my wish will be granted? It’s like I’m looking for something but I don’t know what it is.  I just got irritated after realizing that I believe in a superstition where I knew that I could just left me hanging. I am starting to get tired of hoping and waiting for something I don’t know if it’s possible to happen to me, but don’t blame the number if your wish was not granted. You’re the one who believes in false hopes.

When will be the time that I could get the one that I desire? I’ve been longing for a long time.

“There’s no harm on trying, but when you expect and it does not happen, it hurts.”

I was just about to log-out on FB when I saw someone online on the chat box. I can’t be wrong.

Me: Hello. Good eve. Are you busy?

And my chatmate replied.

Chatmate: Nope. Are you?

And on that reply, I can say that she also wants to talk to me…a little. I tried to start a conversation between us by asking her random questions and fortunately she’s replying, until we talked about a lot of things. Including some of our personal lives. I have really missed this feeling of opening up to someone, even If we don’t know each other as well. I’m comfortable with her. And her as well, I guess? I didn’t even notice how the time went by. I even forgot to read my other messages and notifications so I checked it for a bit. Then I clicked the news feed page and saw their similar posts. All with the numbers 11.11.11.

What’s with the date? I asked myself. I looked at the date and yes, it was 11.11.11.Then I went back to our conversation. And then this is what I saw on her message.

Chatmate: Happy 11-11-11 J

Even my chatmate is one of those people who are getting crazy about this date. Being so curious about the date, I asked her about it.

Me: What's with the 11-11-11 thing?

And she just laughed.

What did I miss? What’s so funny with my question? I feel like dumb of not knowing about the significance of the date today. Is it a holiday? Is it a monthsary, our monthsary? Wait. We just know each other for a few hours. Or maybe an anniversary of most people around the world? I really don’t get it.

Chatmate: You really don’t have any idea? 11.11.1. It’s only once in a hundred years. Do you know the superstion about the time 11:11?

Me:  I knew about that superstition. But I guess I won’t believe on that anymore. I’m hoping and wishing everyday but nothing happens.

Chatmate: you smile first J don’t be so dramatic. I don’t want you to cry.

Me: …

Chatmate: My goodness! You should be thankful that you’re 11.11.11 is so memorable!

Me: How?

Chatmate: Because I’m with you J

I was stucked for a moment, and then I replied.

Me: okay, I will be.

And then I smiled.

Maybe she was right. I should really be thankful to her. She’s there for me. She was there when I was alone and when I was about to give up. She made my day. She is everything I have.

Maybe she’s the fulfillment of my wish for 11.11.11. She’s that something that I thought I would never find again.

After a few more hours of sharing our thoughts, we called it a day and we both get ready for bed and to sleep with a big smile on our faces.

Maybe you're wondering who my chatmate is.

Her name is... LOVE.

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