Chapter 5️⃣

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"No! No! Stay away! Don't come near me!" I screamed on the top of my lungs.

He stalked up to me and held me by the crook of my neck and lifted me up from the ground.
"You little Bitch! You don't tell me what to do!" He studied up my battered face before scowling "you look like HIM" The man spat out the words as it was poison in his mouth.

"If you don't want to see my face then let me go!" I choked out.

The man reluctantly let go of my neck. falling to the floor limb, unable to move, I looked to the side to see the man walk away.

After a while of trying to get up. I sat on my down on the ground crouching and crutching my knees. Tears brimmed the corners of my eyes, but refusing to show any sign of weakness I took a deep breath and sucked in my tears.

Suddenly the door slammed open black boots came into my vision and I knew it was him. His face was masked by the darkness, but his hands were easily seen.

A brown leather whip caught my eyes attention, which was gripped tightly in the mans hand.

He walked closer and closer until he was right in front of me.

Jumping awake I looked around to notice that I was in my room. Cupping my cheeks I noticed that my cheeks had taken a shower of tears.

Looking down I fiddled with my fingers and sighed.

Why! Can't i just sleep peacefully without being scared I might-

I was cut out of my thoughts when my phone's alarm song 'That's what I like' by Bruno mars blared through my whole room.

"Uhh! Time to go to hell! A.K.A school!" Jumping out of my bed, I trudged over to my bathroom and did my morning routine, which consists of showering, brushing my teeth and etc.

Walking out of my bathroom wrapped in a fluffy blue towel, I dragged my feet into my walk in closet and got in my school outfit. 

Grabbing my school bag I ran out of my room down the spiral stairs to the back of my house. Climbed up the high fence behind my mansion and got to the other side to my other wrecked house.

Getting in from the back door I ran through the house to the front door and got out of the dusty house.

My neighbor A.K.A the schools queen bee who happens to live in a big house- not a mansion but a 2 floor building walked out of her house and sent a look of disgust my way

Looking to my left I ignored her cake face and looked at the rustling trees.

Click! Click!

I heard the clicking sound of giraffe leg- I mean heels!

Uhhh! Please, please, please, peace, fees-
Wat? I meant please, please, please, tell me that clicking sound of giraffe legs does not belong to ms cake face!

Ms. cake face roughly bumped her shoulder with mine with the intention of me falling, but as she was the one wearing giraffe legs- I mean heels, she lost balance and face planted her face on the grass.

"Pfft" I stifled in my laughter.

Omg, I feel like I am gonna burst out sweets anytime-
Wat?! I mean I feel like I am gonna burst out laughing not bust out sweets. Although, I think that will be cool?

"Hey nerd! Are you listening?!" She screamed at me.

Snapping back to reality I noticed that she was standing in front of me looking and sounding like a dying hyena as usual her face was caked up but more than usual. Wait I think I should listen to her. As far as I can notice I think she is saying some shit.

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