Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Girls night in.

After spending the whole day just playing with the girls and a whole lot of random kids there age and some my age, we went back to there house.

"So did you guys have fun today?" I ask and they all nodded before yaws spreaded around the car, even I yawed.

"Well you know what they say, yaws are the most contagious thing in the world" Cat chuckled and everyone joined in.

After 5 minutes of silently listening to music we pulled in front of there house.
"Ok, when you go through that door it's straight up to your rooms for showers. After showers, pjs. Then we can have a movie night and order some pizza." I said smiling and they all nodded, as I pointed to there front door.
"Luna, I have yours and my pjs in my bag" she nodded and followed the girls up to the house.
Five minutes later everyone was having showers.

I got in side and ordered the pizza's, vegan for Emma, Meat lovers for me and cat while Luna and Riley liked Hawaiian.

After I ordered it, I went and had my shower in mine and Luna's room, to wash of all the chlorine, from the pools.
Yes we have a room here, because we stay every weekend so they just call the room ours now.

After the worm refreshing shower I tied a messy bun on the top of my head.
My hair is the best, when I walk up it's the type of sexy messy and it's so easy to style, what ever I do it just looks good.
That is why I'm in love with my hair.

I put on my pjs which are a baggy shirt that reaches mid thigh and matching socks that reach my knees that were the same material as the shirt., and underwear... weird I know, I just find it really comfy.
It's not like it's so obvious in just wearing underwear though.
Plus it's the only pjs I own.

(What Mia wears to sleep/the only pjs she owns)

(What Mia wears to sleep/the only pjs she owns)

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(Sexy I know 😉

Anyway, when I went down stairs the girls were already waiting for me in there home theatre.
I grabbed the movies from my bag and walked in.
"Ok girls, what movie is it?" I said holding up the three movie.
After a while they all agreed on 'Alice in Wonderland'.
So I put it on for them.

"Hey, Riley do you guys have a computer I can borrow?" I asked as Riley raised an eyebrow.
"Depends on what you need it for" at this point all the girls were listening, this seems like a good time to tell Luna, I have witnesses, so she can't kill me.
"Well, I need to enrol for a new school..." I said trailing off as Luna glared at me.
"What did you do this time?" She asked.
"Hay, this time I have a really good excuse" I argued.
"I'll decide that for you" she said with a grin, and the others giggled.

"Well you see... i... i" I stuttered trying to think of an excuse.
I couldn't tell her that I wanted to get expelled because Tom cheated on me with my best friend.
But I could tell her what I did. Just not why I did it and who it was.
"Well I spray painted. Keyed someone's car. Broke someone's nose and pissed the teachers off." I said.
Luna laughed along with the others. "Well some one must of passed you off"
"They did" I answered.
"Ok you'll explain when we get home." Lu said.
"I'll get the computer" Riley said as she jogged out of the room.
She was back in the room after a minute.
"Here you go"
After thanking her I left the room to let them watch there movie in peace.
I set myself up on the bench.

I was on the computer for sometime looking at Potential schools before the door bell rang...
I just couldn't find a school, none that would accept me anyway.
I went to the door.
The pizza delivery guy was there, he was cute. But practically drooling. Right, I forgot what I was wearing.
"here is your pizza That will be $20" he said.
I gave him the money Plus $5 and he gave me the pizzas.
Before he went I stopped him, "hey you go to school right?" I said to him and he looked at me confused, "yeah why" this was probably going to sound Offensive... but I don't really care. "what school do you go to, is it cheap?" I ask ignoring his question. "I go to Stan public school... yes it is cheap" he said still confused, "why".
"Oh... I was expelled from my school and I was just looking for a new one so I could Finnish my senior year" I said giving him a shy smile.
"Oh, ok then but why cheep?" He said looking around at the expensive house.
"Oh, this isn't my house I'm babysitting"
"Oh, ok cool"
"Well thanks for the pizza's, bye"
"Bye" he said walking away.
Man Im a b!tch, that was Awkward.

I closed the door and put the pizza next to me as I sat on the counter going back to the computer.
I signed up... and they actually accepted me.
Wow, I didn't think they would accept someone who has been expelled 6 times... 6 times, I smirk at myself remembering Toms expression when I keyed his Precious car.
Well I start on Monday, yay... note a lot of sarcasm.
Well here I come Stan public school...

I grabbed four plates and a handful of napkins, before walking into the theatre with the pizzas.
The girls screamed in excitement and took there pizzas.

After an hour of eating pizza and watching  'Alice in Wonderland' the movie finished and they wanted 'Tangled' so after I put that on I took the pizza boxes and threw them away.
I cleaned the plates and put those away as well.
I grabbed the box of cupcakes I made and walk in to the theatre once again.

One movie of tangled later and a box of cupcakes...
"Ok guys, it's time for bed, go brush your teeth." I said whispering.
I picked up Emma since she had fallen asleep during the movie and, took her upstairs to her room and tucked her in.
I turned her light off and left her door open, how she likes it.

I went to cats bedroom and she finished brushing her teeth. I tucked her in and gave her a hug, "see you in the morning Cat" I said, leaving her room, blowing her one last kiss.

Next up, Riley.
Riley's room was cute, it's mostly teal, so you could tell what her favourite colour is.
"Night Rie" I said as I crossed the room to her bed, which she was lying in.
"Good night Mia" she said as I hugged her and she hugged me back.

I crossed the hall to Luna's and my room.
"Hey" I said
"Hey" Lu replied
"Did you do your teeth?" I said as I went in to the bathroom, that was connected to our room so I could do mine.
"Good, did you have fun today?" I ask.
"Yeah, did you know Riley got asked out when we were at the pools. But she said no. Apparently the guy that asked her is Xavier's cousin" she said.
"Really? She got asked out and didn't tell me?" I said acting hurt, bye putting a hand on my hart, and pouting.

Luna giggled, "no well yes but that wasn't the point. He was Xavier's cousin" she said.
Oh I get what she's trying to do.
She's trying to get me with him.
"Did you talk to him, after I saw him" I asked as my eyes light up with amusement.
"Hey I never said that how did you know?"
I giggle.
"I have super powers" I said pointing to my head.
"Sure" she giggles.

I finally finish brushing my teeth and lie down next to her.
"Good night LuLu, I love you" I said wrapping her in a hug and kissing the top of her head.
"I love you to sissy" she said quietly as she dozed of to sleep, and I hear light cute snores from her.

After sometime of drifting in my thoughts, I slowly give in to the darkness of sleep.

With the night mares that follow.

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