Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Babysitting The Smiths

"Hey girls" I shouted excitedly as me and Lu walked through the door into there large foyer. There was a big Chandelier over head, and you could see a Balcony that showed some of the top floor.
Two sets of stairs were on rather side of the room, and they curled around to meet each other at the top.
10 seconds after I had spoken, we were listening to bear feet patted down the stairs.

"You guys ready to have another girls day and night" I said with a wide smile, as I got hugs from them all. After hugs they talked to Luna about school, and how she got asked out.
They don't go to the same school but they still are friends.

"So park?" I asked, Emma nodded her head but everyone else shook there head.
"Well you guys got any ideas?" I asked looking at Riley, Cat(Catherine) and Luna.
Riley grinned at me.
"The pools" she squeals, and everyone else agrees by jumping up and down squealing in agreement.
"Oh god, yes! My poor ears" I giggle cupping my ears.
"Come on ladies we're getting changed" I hurry them to there rooms and help them pick out cute togs.
"Hey Cat, you seem Lu's size. Can she borrow some togs off you?" I said.
"Yeah sure there in there" she said pointing to a section off her walk in closet.
These girls were spoiled.
After Luna squeaked a thank you and hugged her she went to find some togs for herself.

"Hey Mia! Mum has some clothes that are to small for her, and I'm sure there's some togs in the pile!" Riley squealed again and pulled me to her mothers room when I said 'ok'.

Her mothers closet was huge.
It was Loaded with expensive items like diamond neaklessess, earrings and silk dresses.
There were special sections in her closet, one for her thousands of peered shoes, for accessories for dresses for tops for pants and one for her under clothes and one for her togs.
Riley ran to the end of the closet were there was some really nice cloths, and togs.
"Here try this one on" she begged.
"Oh, ok, sure" I said smiling back at her as she pushed me into the bathroom at the end of the walk in closet.
It was a really nice modern bathroom as well.

Once I put on the Bikini I was in love.
They were a type of blue that made my eyes pop out more. The shape of them made my bodies curves more noticeable.

"Doesn't look like I'll be returning this one" I said laughing as I came out to an open mouthed Riley.
"I take that as 'I look good in this'?" I said laughing even more.
"Yes that looks really good on you Mia." She said beaming, but her smile falling away as her eyes move to the cut on my arm.
"How did you get that" she said pointing.

Crap, what do I say...

"Oh I slipped on our gravel road" good cover up.
"Oh, ok" she said bringing her attention back to my face.

"Well all the guys will definitely be looking at you" she said winking, and bringing the cheerful mood back again.
"Are you sure your just 13" I ask laughing and she laughs to.
"Pretty sure, anyway you better not go off with any guys." She said smirking, I scoff "don't worry, mom" jokingly and we both laugh.

"But dam you look good"

(Togs Mia wears)

(Togs Mia wears)

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