Die Trying

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Angel was heading anywhere, far from where anything even was. Angel could run for days without stopping, her legs could carry her for miles and it wouldn't bother her. But Angel was a werewolf, built for speed,strength, loyalty for their own kind and most importantly death.

Every wolf had their part, Angel was important once, her breed was the white wolf, strong and built for any thing. When wolfs where around Angel belonged in a pack of her own kind, traveling in the woods and where danger traveled. Angel kind were built to destroy those who hurt others they protected the human most of all but then Angel realised they was the one hurting them killing them off slowly.

Their was no more packs or protectors of any kinds, wolf were destroyed those that lived ran, Angel had been running for over 20 years she didn't aged but grew angry.Werewolf's couldn't live among humans even if they tried, werewolf's had a sense of power to them or they were to easy to follow another and the fact that many Werewolf's looked most deadly. Take Angel for example when she choose to be in her human form her eyes glowed bright yellow even in wolf form her eyes were as yellow and warm as the sun itself.

Humans destroyed off Werewolf's off in the 21st century, There stilled lived Werewolf's out their but if they was anything like Angel they never stuck around. Angel was the last of the white wolf's but she had no clue of the black wolfs, they were the ones who protected the graves of the dead humans. They protected holy men, the men and woman who prayed for god, the black wolfs were found  in churches mostly or they those to become Alphas.

Pack members were the first to go, there was not much strength to them, human took many years to kill them off but it took them many of years to kill the great ones of.

Angel was the last of her kind but as she moved closer to the village she couldn't help but feel like everything was going to changed and that was what drove her closer. Things need to change, Angel never found her soul, wolf weren't born with one, they followed their faith in hopes of finding it but never and that's what kept Angel alive.

Angel going to have to meet this wolf sometimes, she didn't believe all wolfs were dead. She needed to form a group, not a pack because she wouldn't become a Luna to any other wolf, it wasn't in her nature.

Angel was going to start a war, bring out a war to save the last of her own kind, she wouldn't kill them all off but Angel needed her kind to life and breathe and be kicking again or her madness was going to take over and she'd murder every human being in her wolf eyes.

She would do this or Angel was going to die trying.


started a new story and want you to tell me what you think

its not a basic love story its a werewolf story.

its going to get more gory, horror and a bit of romance.

ever you're follower,



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