Chapter 19

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When me and Tyler pulled into the driveway we walked right in. 

On the door was a sticky note, 

"Dear, Tyler & Ainsley,

        Sorry we had to leave, we'll be back in about 2 weeks maybe 3 tops. We have some important business to attend to. Be home soon, love and miss you."

Tyler chuckled, then mumbled, "Always gone.."

I furrowed my eyebrows, huh?

We walked into the house and set our bags down. I went into my room and put on some sweats and an old t-shirt that said 'Spring Break 2013'

I picked up my notepad and colored pencils, walked down the stairs, and plopped down on the couch. I turned on the TV and flipped it to one of those channels that play the 'Latest Hits' or the music most drunken teens dance to at parties.

I started sketching the trees outside the window, when the couch dipped down at the end by my feet. I looked up and saw Tyler.

He smirked at me, but I just went back to sketching. 

I got bored of the music and turned the TV off, then I turned my music on from my phone. "Terrible Things" By Mayday Parade came on, and I started humming to the tune. 

Tyler started tickling my feet, and I hated it. I started laughing, kicking my feet around. 

"Tyler stop!" 

He chuckled but kept going, I flailed my legs around still. 

My foot hit something.

I looked up and saw Tyler holding his nose, "Oh my gosh Tyler, I'm so sorry!"

He leaned his head down, not showing me his face.

I set my pad down and crawled over to his end of the couch. I tenderly grabbed his chin and tilted it up. He was smirking at me, What..

He quickly pinned me to the couch, I glared at him, "Not funny Tyler."

He laughed, "I thought it was."

I sighed, "Not in the mood, had a long day. I just want to sketch, and sleep."

He nodded his head and pecked my cheek. Watching as he got up and walked up the stairs i went back to my sketching when my phone buzzed.

I opened the message, it was from Jaclyn,


I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed my laptop, logging into my Facebook and checking my notifications. I had 24 new ones..

I clicked on the top one, it was a comment on one of my recent posts.. I haven't posted in months?

Scrolling up, I read 'my' post,

"Everyone at Grove High school is either a Bitch, Slut, Whore, Geek, Freak, Jerk or Complete Reject. Besides me.I'm probably the only acceptable one there. All you other people should just go and kill yourselves. Okay Bah-Bye :* <3"


I would never put that on there!

I quickly read the comments, 

"I always thought she was so nice.."

"So much for being a nice quiet girl.."

"What the hell does Tyler see in her!"

I could feel the tears about to fall from my eyes.. Who would do this? Only one person knows my email and password.. My old 'Bestfriend'.

Picking up my phone again, I called Vivian, 


"What the hell is your problem. You seriously think doing that is okay you bitch!?"

I heard her chucking, "Sorry, but when you were being such a bitch today, the idea just popped into my head."

I quickly hung up and ran upstairs, into Tyler's room. He was laying on his bed with a pillow on his face.

"Tyler, I need your he-"

He interrupted me, "Did you think I wouldn't see or something?"

Wait.. He thought I actually did that? "What do you mean Tyler.."

"I saw the post AInsley.. Everyone did. They all keep asking me why I would go for such a Bitch."

Tears rolled down my cheeks, "Tyler I swear that wasn't me.."

He glared at me, "Then who was it Ainsley."

"It was Vivian! I swear! You know me.. You know I wouldn't do that.."

He shook his head, "I barely know you. I've only known you for about 4 weeks, I wish I would have seen you for the bitch you were before getting involved with you.."

The tears were just flowing down my face now.. "Tyler!  Please listen to me! I would never do that.."

He pointed at his door, looking at me with disgust, "Get out Ainsley. Just.. Go."

I looked at him once more, hoping he will believe me. He never even looked back at me. I silently left and closed the door. 

Running to my room, I slammed the door shut and cried into my pillow. 

After about 30 minutes of crying I wanted to sketch to get my mind off things. Silently opening my door, I walked out and into the living room, picking up my phone, sketchpad, and pencils. When I was about to go up the stairs there was a knock on the door. I walked over and opened the door. Only to see Vivian. 

She glared at me, "Oh look who answered the door.. Why don't you go fetch Tyler and go up to your room and write more mean stuff about people like the little bitch you are."

I scoffed, "You and I both know, you wrote that stuff."

She smirked, "So..? Nobody else does."

Just then Tyler came into the room, "I know, I know you wrote those things. Because you just admitted it. On recording." He held up his phone smirking at Vivian. 

She gasped, "What the hell."

I silently glanced at Tyler, still hurt he wouldn't believe me, and guessing he invited Vivian here, before knowing the truth. 

Tyler began slowly closing the door, "Sorry, but I no longer allow sluts into my house, Bye now." He then closed the door in Vivian's face. He turned to me and immediately looked guilty. I started walking up the stairs but he grabbed my hips.

I turned and glared at him, "Get your hands off me."

He frowned, "Ainsley, I'm so sorry.."

"Do you think it hurt?"

He furrowed his eyebrows, "Huh?"

I scoffed, "Having someone you think you love, not believe you, not have trust in your words. Someone take a complete bitches side instead of yours. Have someone complete kill you by looking at you differently within 20 minutes, from in a loving way, to complete disgust.  How would it feel to have your heart split into two, then see the person you love invite the exact person who put us into this mess, come to the door. It hurts Tyler. It fucking Kills." 

His face was complete pain, I took his hands off me and continued up the stairs. What did he expect? For me to come crawling back to him? Hell no. 

I set my stuff on my desk, in no mood to sketch anymore and set my alarm for 6:30. I quickly texted Emma, asking her for a ride. 

She of course said yes. She didn't believe that post for a second, she knew it was Vivian. 

I set my phone on my nightstand and plopped onto my bed. Getting under the covers and falling asleep.


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