You and Me

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~ 1 Month Later ~

??? POV

This bitch just came here and acting all bad and all over my man. Well this bitch Amaury has something else coming for her , she better watch her back.

*Amaury POV*

I woke up on Devon's chest, I could hear his heart beat it was like my ears. I got out the bed softly so i didn't wake him. I went to tha bathroom and did my hygeine , I got out and went to my closet and put on my black boy shorts and a nike sports bra , I was just a chill day did wanna be to dressy. I went down stairs to start breakfast for my baby , I made french toast with sasusage and bacon.

*Devon POV*

I was awakened by the scent of bacons and sasusages. I hopped out of bed went straight to the bathroom did my hygeine and headed downstairs. My baby beautiful, sexy, smart and can cook damn she da best.

"Good Morning Ma". I said hugging her from behind kissing her neck. " Mmmmmm

something smells good". I said, she kissed my cheek. " Go sit down bae i'll fix u a plate". I sat on a stool around the island and admired my girl lookig all sexy cooking and shit in her boy shorts , damn i have a queen. " Here u go baby". "Thankz princess this looks amazing". I said kissing her cheek. " Your welcome my prince".We sat and ate then i washed up the dishes , then went to the living room to watch tv with amaury.

Thanks for reading guys I hope u liked it forgive my mistakes.

Who is after Amaury??

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