Insurmountable Chapter 12 (Part 1)

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I was sitting on the front porch, waiting for Jake to come out. I irritably scratched my head since my wig was getting itchy.

Suddenly, the front door opened as Jake came out of it. Camille was nowhere in sight.

" you okay?" I stood up and asked him uncomfortably.

At first he just looked at me and then, without warning, he threw his arms around me. I stumbled back a few steps.

This is certainly NOT what I was expecting.

"Oh, Scarlett, I'm so sorry! I yelled at you earlier. I know it's unforgivable but will you forgive me?" He pouted while his hands traveled to my waist.

"Get off of me, monkey!" I kicked his abdomen. He didn't seem to notice my attack since he clinged to me like a magnet and pressed his cheeks against mine.

The germs...

"Do. Not. Touch. Me." I said very slowly and I gave him a death glare. 

He held his hands up in surrender and backed away from me about an inch away. I dramatically rolled my eyes.

"So, where's the place?" He asked, out of the blue.


"The place? Where is Robert Whetherford's secret hideout?" He asked in an unusually low voice.

I pulled the piece of paper out of my pocket. When he tried to grab it away from me, I hid it behind my back. He narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips.

"Seriously, Scarlett? I didn't think you were this childish. I was--"

"What did you talk about?" I asked him in a stern voice.

"What?" His eyebrows were knitted together in confusion.

"You and Camille. What did you talk about?" I repeated myself. His expression fell slightly but it only took a second before he forced a smile out.

But I saw it. 

The look of sadness was on his face. Even though it was just for a second, his face made my heart clench.

" you wanna talk...about it?" I scratched the back of my head. I felt uncomfortable asking these stupid questions but I can't of something else to say.

He chuckled.

He fucking chuckled.

"You don't have to say something you don't wanna say, Scarlett. Let me see the address." He motioned me for me to give him the paper. Suprisingly, I gave it to him.

He scanned over the paper and a knowing look touched his face. "I know this place. It's like a day-and-a half drive from here."

He started walking. He must've thought I was following since he was talking to himself, looking like a dumbass.

"Scarlett?" He twirled around to see that I didn't move a single muscle from my spot. He frowned and motioned for me to join him in the front yard. 

I sighed. I can't believe I'm actually following orders from him. I was about a meter away from him when he cursed.

"Shit, run!" He hissed. He grabbed my hand and we jumped over the bushes and hid behind them. 

"What's going on?" I whispered. 

He didn't reply but he was peeking through the tiny spaces between the leaves of the bushes. I followed his gaze and saw Nikki and Mia coming towards Camille's house.

"She's all grown up..." Jake breathed. He began to sit down and hug his knees and rest his head on it.

"Who? Mia? We just met her, like, a week ago. She's not much different." I raised an eyebrow.

He shook his head slowly. "No, Nicole--Nikki. She's my foster sister." He covered his eyes with his palms.

Seeing Jake like this, it made me feel weird inside. Before I knew what I was doing, I scooted closer to him and wrapped my arms loosely around him.

"It's...It's okay." I rubbed his back awkwardly.

He remained in his...turtle position and so did I. I glanced over the girls but they didn't seem to notice us. They entered the house without any clue of us being here.

After a few minutes, Jake dragged his cheeks down so I could see the muscle part of his eyes. Which was kind of disturbing.

"All right, matey. Let us go to our fortress." He abruptly stood up and offered his hand to me. I swatted it away and stood up on my own. 

He smiled spontaneously and crossed his arms against his chest. "Just a minute ago, I thought you actually cared for me."

"Ain't happenin' bro." I said impassively as I crossed my arms too. We had a little staring contest before he broke his gaze and took out the piece of paper again.

"We'll have to borrow Ethan's car to get to Robert's research lab." He declared.

"Can't wait to see what other secrets our Creator has." I was actually excited for this trip. It's like discovering something about myself that i've never known.


Short huh? I know. Sorry :( 

Next part's gonna be Jake and Scarlett's alone ALONE time. *insert creepy smile here* So Watch out for that!


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