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"How was it?" Luca plopped onto one of the seats at the counter, catching Sera's attention as she wrote down an order. It was the day after the date, and the blonde was still a little pissed off about what had happened in the theatre. After hearing her friend's voice, she glanced up, not seeing either of the guys, to her relief. She would forgive them eventually, but she just needed to collect herself and wait for them to apologise.

Sera placed the order in the kitchen, before returning to the bench and leaning against it. She shrugged. "It was fine."

"It was fine?" Luca repeated, almost exasperatedly. At her tone, Sera smiled and picked up a mug from behind the counter, then proceeding to grab the jug of coffee so she could pour her friend a drink. Luca muttered a 'thank you' as she accepted it, before running a stressed hand through her hair. Luca was the type of person who needed every single detail for everything, so the fact that she had stayed friends with someone as deadpan and blunt as Sera was a mystery. "How was it just fine?"

"It wasn't anything special, Luca. Micah and Bobby snuck into the cinema, I nearly spilled my drink on Tony, and then, I accidentally kissed him." At the end of the sentence, Sera's voice dropped so much that she was almost inaudible. She was not-so-secretly hoping that her friend wouldn't catch it, but unfortunately, Luca had ears like a hawk. The girl across from her almost choked at the last part, spraying her drink everywhere. Sera squeaked and jumped back, just missing the brown drops being shot across the yellowing bench. "Jesus, Luca!"

"You kissed him?!" The brunette almost screamed, and Sera's eyes widened and she dove forward, reaching over to cover Luca's mouth. The two young women received shocked stares from nearly everyone in the diner, and Sera's face flushed a deep red in pure embarrassment. Luca was indifferent to the sudden attention as she grabbed Sera's hand and pulled it away from her face, her jaw slacked in astonishment. Lowering her voice, she leaned forward on her elbows as Sera grabbed a cloth and began cleaning up the mess to distract herself. "I can't believe you didn't call to tell me!"

"It didn't cross my mind, I was too freaked out!" Sera hissed back, her cheeks still rosy pink with bewilderment. Sera chose to shut her mouth after that, not really knowing what to say. She knew Luca was eager to hear the insignificant niceties from the night before, and she was internally battling whether or not to tell her. Once the coffee spillage was cleaned up, she looked around the semi-full diner, before she irritably scrunching her face up and hurriedly passed through the opening in the bench. She quickly grabbed Luca's hand and pulled her over to their usual booth, pushing her onto the seat and sitting on the other side. Fiddling with her fingers anxiously, Sera sighed, knowing that Luca was watching her expectantly. "Okay, fine. It's not that important, though! I was only meant to kiss his cheek, but he looked up at the last second and before I knew it...we were kissing, like, on the lips."

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