RR -- VI.

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My feet brought me to the guest house. The interior had been redesigned, I was guessing by Mom, nothing of it reminds that JP used to live here. No more messy bed, noisy video games and arcades, or textbooks lying around untouched. It looked like a guest house per se.

When I was away, there's not a day that I did not think of him. Just him and his face and his body pressed to mine and the times we were together - bad times or good times. My mind would block everything but him.

I tried to forget him through Justin but somehow JP would find a way to creep into my mind. I thought I could hear his chuckle - even the mean ones, smell his scent or even see him when I knew he wasn't there.

What I felt was wrong, even if unspoken. It was better I did not say anything about it. It was better I left it unsaid - how I truly felt for him.

Or was it?

I wonder how things would turn out? Where would I be that night had I told him how I felt for him? Maybe we'd be together and that 'night' wouldn't happen.

No. Stop thinking, Savannah.

Sighing, my gaze fell on the door and I saw myself knocking at his door one more time.


"Can I stay here?" I asked when he opened the door. I had to look up at his face steadily and not drool on his glorious half-naked body.

Jeez, Savannah, you've seen it all already.

And you totally enjoyed it, another part of my brain said.

"And what do I owe the honor of you choosing my place to stay? Or don't tell me..." He tried to guess.

I rolled my eyes at him. "Dream on. This is the only place I could think of. Your cousins are coming over for a girls slumber party and I have no plans on spending the night squished between Dru and other girls," I said.

I couldn't find my place. I was such a pathetic person to not be able to find my inner peace regarding this matter. I would always be insecure that I wasn't a real Heatherfield.

"You are so bitter, Flynn. You're still brooding over that? Or are you just looking for a reason to stay the night?" he asked with a playful tone.

I jabbed his side with my elbow as I made my way inside. He made a fake "Ow" sound and followed it with a laughter I'd come to miss hearing sooner or later. The door thudded close after him.

"No girls tonight?" I asked as I scanned his room.

After that one time, I saw girls frequently sneak in and out of this place. He had an active s€x life, I wondered why he hadn't been contaminated yet. God, I couldn't believe I'd done it with him, I could have ended having HIV! Not to mention it was my first! Ha!

But I figured he'd been safe since he had a stack of protection on his drawer.

Still, I shuddered belatedly.

"Only you tonight, Savannah Flynn," he answered bringing me back to the present.

I made a face at him. "Please," I said. "And go put on a shirt!"

He smirked even more closing in on me. "Why? Am I distracting you?" He asked, using a sexy tone.

I pushed him away, touching his hot bare skin. Bad move, I'd say. "You are so not," I said. I went to his study desk. "Don't disturb."

I was actually planning on studying for the night. I had to raise my grades for the college I was applying to. My GPA's not that bad but I was advised by the school counselor that I need to be sure. There's a lot of competition and my grades could be the edge I'd have when the time comes. I was so ready to get out of this place. By the time I get my acceptance letter, I'd start looking for a place in New York. And I'd be gone after graduation.

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