Another day.

  Another morning.

  It was all the same to me.

  All it meant to me was that I had to wake up and be reminded of how terrible my life was.

  But I had to make the most of what I had. Some people were straight up poor and homeless. Some people just weren't as fortunate as I was, my Puppeteer had a steady income. That was one of the aspects that was unaffected by the physics of my world.

  I brushed my [YHL][YHC] hair boredly as I stood in my bathroom mirror.

  Something about it set me off.

  I wasn't sure what. But staring too long gave me a headache. From my hangover.

  I heard a faint groan. The hell was that?

  Stepping out of the bathroom, I looked around my flat. I strode out into the hallway, looking back and forth.

  I heard it again.

  I dashed into my living room, eyes narrowed in confusion. What the hell? I know for a fact I heard someone. A faucet turned on and water flowed but it sounded echoey.

  I walked into the kitchen, slowly walking forward, placing my feet down carefully so my wooden floor wouldn't creak. I heard a voice, but it sounded like it was bouncing off of walls of glass, driving me insane.

  "Guess I was just hallucinating."

  It was a man's voice. The accent was smooth and crisp and just felt very...addicting. It was intoxicating and enticing.

  Who was it.

  Men never came to my house. Not invited or uninvited.

  "God I smell fucking terrible."

  I stepped out of the kitchen and back into the living room, looking about. I heard creaking footsteps heading in the direction of my room. But I didn't see anyone. "A shower is very much needed."

  The voice got closer as he laughed at himself. But still I saw no one. Suddenly a rush of cold air brushed past my shoulder and the threshold before me creaked in anticipation, the footsteps stopped.

  The voice grunted and the footsteps continued.

  "Wh..what the hell?" I couldn't fathom what was happening to me. And I didn't know why it was. How any of this was even possible was confusing.

  I nervously followed the footsteps into my room. It sounded like my closet door was opened but when I got in, it was shut. My (Preferred Color Scheme) room had a chilling aura about it. It was cold. But my closet seemed eerily warm.

  Was my house haunted?

  Rushing over to the closet, I opened it. The male voice had been humming a nice tune. His voice was very entrancing.

  But when I opened the door, I heard it creak and close. Yet I was still holding the doorknob.

  "What the- HEY!"

  The man yelled from in the back of my closet, which was about the size of a small room. I heard footsteps rushing towards me. The loud stomps scaring the shit out of me. I was too scared to move out of the way, I simply stared into the dark abyss of my closet. He nearly ran past the door frame when I heard a loud thud and a pained yell.

  Rapid knocking commenced. What? What is this?

  "Daveed is that you?" He called, no smile evident in his voice. He seemed to be waiting for a reply, his knocking stopped.

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