Chapter 39

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Brianna's P.O.V

We couldn't help but listen in on Izzy and Nash's conversation. The girls usher the guys out and race to the bathroom. Dang Bailey beats everyone there. She snickers from inside the bathroom. I drag Kerissa and Izzy over to my bag so they can help me pick out my outfit. Once I have my outfit we pick Izzy and Kerissa's. I am wearing light jeans, a blue flowing tank top, white vans, and one of Izzy's blue beanies that says 'Ratchet'. Kerissa is wearing dark jeans, a red crop top, red Jordan's, and a white snapback. Izzy is wearing khaki skinny jeans, a green muscle tank, green and white Jordan's, and a white beanie that says 'Swag'. Bailey comes out of the bathroom in white skinny jeans, a orange and pink baseball T, pink vans, and a orange beanie. The ends of her hair curled lightly. Izzy and Kerissa straighten their hair but I leave mine natural. We grab our phones, money, and sweatshirts.

"Off to the mall biatchez!" Bailey yells running down the hall to the elevator. I walk with Izzy to the stairs. We run down and beat Kerissa and Bailey to the limo. When we get to the mall we walk straight to Hollister. Me and Izzy scan for a few shirts and shorts, while Kerissa grabs one of almost everything. Bailey is, where is Bailey? I look around and find her talking to these two girls. I drag Izzy over to her.

"Hi, I'm Brianna! who are you guys?" One girl had brown curly hair down to we butt and bright green eyes. The other girl had straight dark hair down to her mid-back with Carmel colored eyes. The girl with green eyes smiled and answered, "My name is Alex, and that's Mica. It's nice to meet you guys." I smile as then realize I never introduced Izzy. "oh yah and this is Izzy. Hey Bailey how do you know them?" I ask Bailey. She turns to me as says, "Oh I just met them actually, they are Magcon fans and apparently Matt posted a picture of Izzy and I. They recognized me and started to talk to me. Hey do you guys want to shop with us? You can come back to the hotel and hang." Alex nods and we grab the shopaholic, I mean Kerissa and go over to the vans store. We keep going store to store getting to know these two girls. Alex is funny, pretty, kind, nice, and athletic. Mica is quiet but, so funny, pretty, nice, and a fashionista. At around 6 we head over to the food court for a quick dinner. We all get McDonalds and sit and talk. On our way home Bailey and Izzy crash. At the hotel Alex and Mica are standing outside. I wake up the lazy girls and head over to them.

"Hey girlies are you ready for our sleepover!" I say in an annoying girl voice. They nod and laugh as we walk in. On the walk to the elevator Cam walks by and runs over to me. He kisses me and I smile like an idiot. "What yah doing bæ?" he asks while looking around me at the other girls. "Sleepover?" he asks raising his eyebrows. I giggle and nod. He groans and falls on his knees in a praying position. "Please don't leave me to sleep with the boys." He pleads. Before I can cave in Izzy steps up. She pushes him over. He glares at her and she glares back. "Let me answer that for you, no you can't sleep in our room." Izzy says before doing a funny dramatic hair flip. He chuckles then stands up and kisses me again. You know I could get used to this. "No PDA! Get going big bro!" Izzy yells ruining the moment. She pries Cam off of me and drags me to the stairs. We head up the stairs. Tonight will be fun I just know it already. Its good to have new girlfriends.

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