Elizabeth woke up the next day with the sun burning through her eyelids

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Elizabeth woke up the next day with the sun burning through her eyelids. It was too hot. Even with the windows rolled down Elizabeth felt as though she was being baked alive, the windshield acting as a magnifying glass.

Sweat slicked her bare arms and matted at the nape of her neck. Oh, what she would do for a shower right now.

As she lay there for an extra minute or two Elizabeth wondered how long she'd slept. Her usual way of telling had been shut off for the last two days and she was starting to feel the effects. Elizabeth had never gone this long without a phone. It was the single thing that connected her to the outside world. Social media being the one thing that validated her existence.     Her fingertips itched to tap across the screen again – to hold it in her palm. But as she stared at the rose gold case laying in the cupholder she backpedalled. She could either indulge in her habits or enjoy the sweet taste of freedom for a little bit longer.

Elizabeth clambered down from the truck, the temperature cooling once she was out in open air. Her back ached due to the sleeping arrangements. Mind wandering she puzzled over where Reuben had slept the night before. The line of trees that started inches from the gravel was too dense to sleep comfortable, the grass too long and wild.

Rounding the truck, she hoisted herself up onto the bed to peer inside. There were a couple of disheveled blankets that Elizabeth remembered picking up at the store a couple days prior. But there was no sign of Reuben.

Anxiety began to build up in Elizabeth's stomach. That mixed with her present hunger had nausea threatening to bubble over. Had he left her here in the middle of nowhere? What if a bear ate him? How would she manage to get back home?

Poisonous thoughts seeped into her mind like wine on a cotton dress. For a brief moment she considered calling him. Desperation picked at her. Reuben would understand. But the memory of her phone next to his in the truck ate away that option.

Elizabeth stuck around the Crapmobile pacing. Maybe he hadn't deserted her. Maybe he needed to use the restroom and set off to find a nice bush to relieve himself on.

She stopped, her foot dragging over the gravel that escaped in the grass. Elizabeth watched for movement – any movement. There wasn't any. The thick nest of trees made it difficult to see past the front line.

"Reuben," she called. "Reuben?"

Her own voice ricocheted off the heavy bark. Then nothing. There wasn't a sound to be heard. No wind, no birds, not even the familiar sound of traffic. It was like the world was still asleep. Elizabeth had never felt more alone. The silence was driving her insane.

Reason wrestled with her mind to go back to the truck, to wait for Reuben and trust he'd return. But the lonely little girl inside of her banished the idea. Elizabeth took one step, then another, until she was submerged in leaves.

This forest was nothing like the one that lined her parents' favourite country club.The floor was rustic and unkempt. Weeds and dirt littered the ground. There was no thick, lush grass. Twigs cracked as Elizabeth walked. It was as if she were in a different world now. The trees were so alive. Despite not hearing anything from the truck the sound of chirping bird was prevalent now. The light filtered down through the leaves, changing her perspective.

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