FINALE part #1

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Like a small piece of snow

That floats in the air

If I'm like that

Maybe I could,

Reach you a little faster.

Even in August

Winter is here

I want to hold your hand

And go to the other side of the earth

To end this cold winter

How much longing has to fall like snow

For the spring days to come?



Memories' Crannies


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Chapter 32: a promise of a decade

I had a reoccurring dream.

Somehow, I felt like it was important, significantly important. So much that I felt like I shouldn't have forgotten them.

The dream started with the same blurry vision, a tiny fragment of my memory.

It was always the same boy standing in the midst of the beautiful garden, adorning clothes fit for a little prince.

We had met before, once, when I was out playing. I remember the glassy sky above me, it wasn't sunny - but it was a cold hue of ice.

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