Chapter 7. Prisoner Belle.

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Belle's POV

Silence fill the air as Nikolai and Alexei await for my response. Somehow there's this little part of me thinking that Nikolai felt pressured to push for the wedding because of our argument about other people thinking that they are still single since they did not even wear wedding bands and our other past arguments regarding the matter--most of which resulted out of my frustration about how Nikolai literally dragged me to the altar and forced me to marry him.

I just look down to my ring finger and brush my beautiful ruby engagement ring and the new 18 Carat diamond ring as wide as my own chubby finger.

"Don't you like it baby? I just thought you can wear this tonight for the Ball. I have already arranged for a bigger one--a 40 Carat for our wedding. What do you think?" He says while kissing my the back of my hand.

I moved up his chin so we can see each other eye to eye. "Nikolai, this is too much. How do you suppose I can walk around comfortably wearing this? And besides, have you seen my jewelry shelves back at the mansion?"

"Yes. We had the shelves shipped from Italy and then I ordered our people to fill it with jewelries for you. Did you like your closet by the way?" He answers, completely oblivious of my point.

My god this man. I am so close to friggin errupting really. "Nikolai, you cannot call it a closet if you have two escalators, an elevator, revolving shelves, voice activated glass doors, and two floors of designer stuffs in it. It's already a friggin mall! We have a mall inside or home Nikolai! A mall!"

"So, you don't like it?" He asked.

I sighed and just all the way gave up. Belle please, men's brains are wired to see either black or white. No rainbows or glitters. Do youself a favor and be straighforward to him. "It's not that I don't like it. It's amazing really Nikolai and I appreciate all the things that you are giving me. But maybe perhaps next time, just modest and simple things. I can just imagine the price of this diamond ring and the 40 Carat diamond ring that youre planning to get for our wedding."

"You are my Queen. You are to wear what I want you to wear. You will have what I want you to have. You will not stop me from doing what I want. End of."

There he goes again. Arrogance level one hundred thousand! Nikolai Vacheslav Volkov.

"You marry yourself then Nikolai. End of." I retorted.

"Well..." He lets out this evil smile. "Technically, you are married to me in perpetuity no matter what you say or do. I have papers to prove it and witnesses. So go ahead. Rebel against me all you want A--REBEL--A. Your last name is still VOLKOV and -- oh god this is my favorite part -- you, my beautiful thing, are carrying little Volkovs. My own flesh and blood. Youre stuck with me and my brother. FOREVER."

"Ah-- what he means---" Alexei inserted as he tries to salvage the situation and obviously trying to cover his brother's ass. He then shoots a piercing look towards the cocky bastard whom I call my husband but the latter remained unfazed.

I instantly stood up from Nikolai and attempted to walk away but Alexei caught my hand and pulls me right onto his lap. "I want to go now! Obviously I dont have a say in this relationship. I might as well just shut up."

"Princess, listen to me. Look me in the eye please?" He says as I try so hard to roll my eyes back. Alexei wasnt able to suppress his chuckles perhaps because of how ridiculous I look right now. I instantly smack him on his shoulder. He then wraps his arms around my body to stop me from moving. "What my brother means is that, me and him have no one else to spend our money on except you. We were both single before we met you yah?"

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