Chapter 10

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"Go Taiyou-kun!" Tsukiko and Rin-nee screamed in unison, their voices so loud it drowned the others around them. Even from this distance, the girl saw the boy reddening and knew that had nothing to do with the race.

"I can't believe you two enjoy embarrassing my son that much," Shigure-nee said, shaking her head. Despite her words, however, there was a smile on her lips she didn't bother to hide.

"It's not that, sis... I mean, only that." Rin-nee waved her hand as she laughed under her sister stern look. "Our cheers are helping him. Look!"

Taiyou-kun was in fourth almost the entire race, but on the last lap, when Tsukiko and Rin-nee began screaming louder, he managed to close the gap.

"Go, Taiyou-kun!" Tsukiko screamed at the top of her lungs and in the last few meters, the boy managed to cross the finish line in second. "Taiyou-kun is cool and awesome!"

He bended his back and supported himself on his knees to recover his breath, but when he looked over his shoulder in their direction, the girl could swear he got redder. "He's so lucky to have this many cute women cheering for him," Rin-nee said, the sly smile on her lips.

"You can't really call yourself a girl, can you? You're too old for that." Shigure-nee flashed the gentle smile that hid the wickedness of her words.

"Sis! I..." Rin-nee tried, but she couldn't come up with anything to say to her older sister.

All Tsukiko did was laugh. Rin-nee was still red by the time Taiyou-kun walked up to them. "That was so awesome Taiyou-kun! To think passed two people from the track club."

"How did you know that?" the boy asked, taking the bottle of tea his mother offered.

"Don't underestimate us," Rin-nee said, crossing her arms and raising her chin. "We know many things, my dear nephew."

"Or maybe we overheard their mothers talking about it right before the race started. They're sitting together right there." Shigure-nee indicated with her head gracefully, flashing her usual smile again. "They were boasting about the fact that both their sons might join the regular team, but for some reason, they stopped. I wonder why?"

Both Tsukiko and Rin-nee laughed and quickly tried to disguise as a cough when the boy's parent glanced at them. Taiyou-kun did the same, but he choked on the tea, getting more laughed from Rin-nee, who couldn't hide this time. "What are the next events?" she asked, her face red.

Shigure-nee pulled a handout with the Teikou's logo from her bag. "Let me see... it's the first year's girl's 400 meters race next, the third year's boy's obstacle race, then the girl's and the all grade treasure hunt before lunch."

"Are you gonna participate in any of them, Taiyou-kun?"

"Yeah. The treasure hunt," he said after cleaning his mouth with the back of his hand, his voice hoarse.

"You're in so many events. If you keep in the top three like this, the green team will win thanks to you," Tsukiko said with a bright smile.

"I don't know about that," he replied, his cheeks a shade of pink. The bell announcing the next event rang. "I gotta go."

He finished his drink and left before they could say anything. They watched as he joined with his classmates and sat on the green team side.

"Look at him... he's like the hero," Rin-nee commented when most boys and girls joined around him and congratulated him.

"Who's that kid?" Tsukiko asked after one girl in particular sat next to Taiyou-kun, talking to him with a smile and her cheeks slightly red.

"I think it's Akane-chan. She's the most popular girl in Taiyou's year and from what I heard, she gentle, a great cook and even some older boys have even confessed to her," Rin-nee answered.

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