Perfect Boy😘

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In Mewar's royal palace,
4:00am, early morning,
A boy almost 11 to12 years old woke up from his bed . The boy is none other than our hero Kuvar Pratap.
He gets freshen up,and prays to the sun .He is seen walking towards the Temple of the palace.He removes his footwear out side and moves inside. There is a huge idol of Lord Rama . He touches the feet of the idol and takes blessings and is seen lighting the diya.He then moves out of the temple and is seen next moving towards the warfare area.
He enters a room full of weapons and explosives.He picks up a sword ,touches it to his forehead in respect and then starts his practice.
He ends up his practice till 6 when everyone wakes up.
6:13 am
Pratap is keeping his sword back in its place. He remembers some thing . He immideatly runs to the royal garden. And plucks some unique flowers and then runs towards the temple.
When he reaches the temple he was removing his footwear then his Ranimaa also reached the temple.He kept the flowers in the thaal(plate on which ingredients of Pooja r kept)
They both entered the temple and the Pooja began.
His Ranimaa sings a bhagan beautifully.They both take the blessings of the idol and walk out of the temple.
After Comming out he takes blessings from his Ranimaa.

Pratap: Good morning Ranimaa.
Rani J: Good morning Pratap.
Pratap: What happened Ranimaa,u r looking extremely happy and excited today. What's the matter?
Rani J: . I am not exited .
Pratap:No.U r lying.(Sternly)
Rani J :What?! N..No...No
Pratap: yes u r lying cause u stammer while speaking lie .
RaniJ: it's not that I am lying but just hiding something from u.And I will tell you at the right time.
Pratap; ok! Take care .I am going to meet Dajiraj(father).

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