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"Mark" Felix said,"do you have any special feelings for jack???".
My eyes wided in shock of where he got that idea. "NO"!!!! I said as i blushed. "Jack and I are just best friends nothing more!!!". "Jesus calm down,it was only just a question no need to get jumpy!". "Its juat that it suprises me that you would ask that question". It stayed silent the whole way to the airport. We waited for around 30min. for jack to off his flight. As soon as i got a glance at him,my heart started pumping,my palms became sweaty, my only reaction was running tworads him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and lifted him up in the air, while both of us laughed. As soon as i but him down both of us turnwed away and blushed. Jack said hi to felix and patted him on the back. Jack said that before we take off he had to use the restroom. As soon as jack left us Felix gave me this look. "What", I asked. "ITS SO FUCKING OBVIOUS MARK YOU LIKE JACK AND JACK LIKES YOU, JUST FUCK EACH OTHER ALREADY!!". I just rolled my eyes and tried to avoid blushing. After jack came back we headed over to my place for some breakfast. I made some coffiee for Felix and me. Then of course i had to make cookies for jack so he can eat some with his coffiee. Then Felix and Jack left to get ready now all i have to do is wait for the cookout.

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