15. Aisha's Curse

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*This story is an Urban legend about a curse by girl named Aisha...*

Aisha was born in a small village in Malaysia. She moved to the capital for a job in 1984. She always wore darkened sun glasses. This is because she had a disease that resulted in Photophobia. In other words, she was super sensitive to bright lights, which often caused her debilitating headaches. For this reason, she never allowed anyone to take her picture.

One day, the factory she worked at, they were having an annual office party. Aisha took her sunglasses off and was having fun. One of her fellow employees had a camera and decided to take her picture. As soon as the flash went off, Aisha doubled over in severe pain before collapsing. An ambulance came to pick her up and rushed her to the hospital.

She spent three days in the hospital in a darkened room. The man who took the picture came to apologize for his carelessness. She was unable to work. When she was released, she was given medication for her head. Her landlord sympathized with her and wouldn't take money for rent until she was healthy enough to come home. She waited until it was dark outside to get food so that she didn't get exposed to bright lights during the day.

A month later, she was returning to the village she was born in. That night, she was walking along the road when a car came up and blocked her path. When she tried to go around the car, a group of men jumped out and pulled her inside.

They drove her to an empty house, tied her to a chair, used a knife to cut her clothes off of her, and beat her. One of them had a camera. Aisha tried to explain her condition and begged them not to take her picture. They laughed and took pictures anyway. Aisha was assaulted by pounding headaches over and over again with each flash. By the end of it, she was unable to move and her nose, ears, and eyes were bleeding profusely.

After more than four hours of the torture and headaches, the men grew tired of their new toy. The drove her to a bridge and told her they were going to throw her over the edge and let her drown.

Just before they tossed her into the icy waters below, Aisha said, "Anyone who looks at my picture without permission, I will visit them in a dream and make them feel the same pain I'm feeling! I swear I will! Even though I will be dead, I will curse everyone who looks at my picture!"

the next morning, the four men went to get the photos developed. They paid the cashier off and warned him to never speak of what as in the photos. When they saw the photos of Aisha, nude and helpless, they laughed. Suddenly, their car swerved and hit a tree.

A branch went through the windshield and through the driver's head, killing him instantly. Another died later in the hospital from internal bleeding.

The third had a few minor injuries. He was bandaged up and sent home. On the way, he tripped and fell into a manhole, his leg broken. He was unable to climb back up and it rained that night. The water in the sewer rose up and he drowned.

The fourth man had no injuries and was sent home immediately. That night, he seemed of Aisha. She kept beating him about the head with a stick. He woke up with a massive headache. The pain became so bad, he thought he was losing his mind and began stabbing his head with a fork.

He regretted what he had done and felt he was cursed by Aisha. He went to the nearest police station and turns the pictures and himself in. He told them every sorted detail of what he and his friends did. He was arrested on the spot the hunt for Aisha's body began. The man eventually died in prison. He had banged his head against the wall until his skull caved in, unable to take the headaches any longer.

Two days later, Aisha's bloated corpse was found floating in the river. They identified the body by her fingerprints. She was taken to the mortuary and an autopsy was performed.

The examiner had to take some postmortem pictures. After the flash, he was surprised to see Aisha's eyes close. Not long afterwards, the examiner was found dead from an overdose of painkillers.

Anyone who saw the autopsy photos reported having nightmares and headaches. Soon after, they were found under mysterious circumstances. The police tried to destroy all the photos, but some were leaked out and the story of Aisha's Curse was told all across Malaysia.

Some of photos of Aisha post-mortem were posted on the internet. It is said that anyone who looks at the photosphotos, you have a dream of Aisha and Wake up with chronic headaches. The picture will haunt you, no matter where you go. No matter where you look, you will see Aisha.

To avoid the curse, do not look up her photos. If you accidentally find her picture, don't look in her eyes. And don't send the pictures to anyone else under any circumstance. You and them will both die  


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