Chapter 4 ~ Annabeth

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Today was going to be a long day for Annabeth. She sighed as all the paperwork built up around her. Royalty was all about signing paperwork and leading the kingdom. Not that she hated helping people, she just couldn't stand the paperwork. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Annabeth exclaimed.

The door opened and Annabeth saw dark skin and tan curls.

"Good morning your highness." Hazel greeted, "There's a visitor at the door. Lady Piper."
"Send her in. Thank you."

Hazel delicately curtsied and left the room. Piper came in two seconds later.

"Annabeth!" Piper yelled in glee.

Piper ran towards her. They embraced. Piper looked at Annabeth, a bit concerned.

"How is everything? And the baby?"
"I'm fine. And I'm sure he or she is fine. Why do you worry so much."
"Because I'm your friend."
"It's almost time for tea and biscuits. Want?"
"Of course."

Annabeth and Piper made their way to the dining room. Annabeth liked to sit down most of the time. Her swollen stomach made it hard to walk around. She worried about everything. The war. Her love. Her child. It's been three months since she found out. She only wished she got a chance to tell Percy. Annabeth sighed.

Piper was organizing the paperwork while having tea, basically enjoying herself. Annabeth sat down and looked at her stomach.

I never told your father about you, my sweet.

Annabeth laughed to herself as she told her baby that. Piper spoke, interrupting her thoughts.

"Hey Annabeth. You have a meeting in the afternoon. It's says you have to pick up cookies?"
"Oh right! The cookies. I'll get them."
"Want me to come?"
"I'm sure I'll be fine. You have fun.... organizing papers."

Annabeth chuckled. Piper was back to putting her sheets in alphabetical order, skimming each one. Annabeth ran towards the door, hoping not to be late.

The last time Annabeth ordered something from Hestia's Bakery, she was late.

Hestia was brown-haired lady with hazel eyes who owned her bakery. She lived as a single woman and managed everything on her own. Annabeth admired her for that.

She slowly opened the door to the bakery. Hestia saw her and curtsied.

"Your highness," the dark haired lady said, "here for the cookies?"
"Yes, thank you."

As Hestia handed Annabeth the box of cookies, she looked her suspiciously. Annabeth tried her hardest to cover up her belly, but it was useless.

"Are you...." Hestia trailed off.

Annabeth knew what she was going to ask.

"Yes, I am."
"That's great news! Why not hold a party for it your highness?"
"I've been trying to keep it a secret for now. Until the war is over."
"Is it true though. King Perseus?"
"I-I-I, um, yes."

Annabeth was on the brink of tears. She was angry. Angry at her husband for disappearing. Angry at the kingdom for making her work. But soon she calmed down.

It's not their fault. It's no one's fault.

She took a deep breath. The rumor that her husband was missing should be spreading fast. Unfortunately, that rumor was true. Annabeth needed something to lift the spirits of her kingdom. And she had just the plan.

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