I have a chainsaw kink

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@Rainbowgamer64 tagged me well, um 15 facts about myself yay

1.Chrobin is one of my favorite ships
2.I can't marry chrom to anyone else
3.If no chrom I'll marry stahl since we're both fat asses
4.I'm getting back into splatoon
5.I draw I guess what you would call private fan art where I don't post them at all.
6.My fire emblem heroes dream team is Hector Ryoma Reinhardt and Takumi which I have takumi but I sacrficed Reinhardt cause I'm so smart HhhhHuUuUuR
7.Silas is one of my first fictional crushes I still do :,) I'm sorry but childhood friends are so damn lovable to me
8.I hate my MCD phase almost everyone I met during it I regret.
9.Probably gonna delete VyladXReader because of MCD people following me
10.It is 2:46AM and I am slightly tired
11.Morgan is my favorite child kana is only beauty when it's Anna!Kana
12.I have never played as a Male MU in FE
13.I hate everyone at my school yet they think I'm like:Hi guys I'm just like you.If you are on of those people, please delete any form of contact with me.And stop adding me back to group chats I don't wanna see all the constant "XD" I mean if you do use "XD" it's okay as long as you don't use it in every sentence.
14.Its the 69th chapter

Its the 69th chapter

Hoppla! Dieses Bild entspricht nicht unseren inhaltlichen Richtlinien. Um mit dem Veröffentlichen fortfahren zu können, entferne es bitte oder lade ein anderes Bild hoch.

15.Also I'm still at act4 hesitated to go to Duma tower and I been playing echoes for 60Hours I'm so progressive.

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