Chapter 1

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Chapter 1.

"Mia! Mia Mayfield" my teacher called from the front of the class.
I was sitting in the back of French, minding my own business for once, just drawing in my book.
"Yes Mary?" I said smirking towards the tall skinny teacher who was glaring at me, for using her first name.
"Le doyen voudrait vous voir dans son bureau maintenant." (which meant, the dean would like to see you in his office now/in French. Translation from google translater.)She said looking up from a note she had just received.
"Pourquoi ai-je fait?" (Why what did I do?) I ask innocently.
She just huffs and points to the door as people around us giggle.

"Ne sois pas triste pour qu'elle me quitte" (don't be to sad to see me leave) I smirked as I walked down the aisle towards the door, holding my book.

I entered the waiting room out side the deans office, and was greeted by a cold steer from the the lady behind the desk.
"Take a set the dean should be free soon." The old lady said.
I leaned on the wall beside the sets.
"Hello to you to grace" I said faking a smile with an innocent tone.
She glared at me, "don't be to excited" I grind.

"Ah, Mia." The dean said popping his head around from his door, as a person left.
"Come in and take a set." He said with a hard expression.
"Thanks Jack" I said skipping in to the room and hopping down in his desk chair, popping my feet up on his desk, as he sat in the guest chairs.
"How many time do I have to tell you not to call me by my first name"
"Why? you call me by my first name?" I said with a faked confused expression.
"I'm the dean. You have to treat me with respect" he said frowning.
"Shouldn't you treat me with respect to?"
He deepened his frown.
"So Jack, why did you call me in here?" I asked innocently.
"Where do I start?" He said and I giggled.
"What are you talking about?"
"The students car you keyed rude comments on the side? Ring a bell, or maybe at lunch when you broke Katy, your best friends nose!?" He half shouted.
"Ex-best friend" I corrected him, my mod switching to a serious one.
They deserved it, they broke my hart... no that's an understatement they ripped it out put it in a shredder then put it under a sledge Hamer before stomping and spitting on it... then chucked it out a plane.

"Karma was to come one way or another" I said my voice cold and dripping with venom.
The dean looked taken aback, but quickly recovered.

"I'm sorry Miss Mayfield but were expelling you" I was taken aback by he's words.
But to be honest... I didn't expect that, but I couldn't careless. I was leaving them behind. Along with the memories of pain they gave to me on a silver platter.

"Everyday you are coming in to my office, it's like your trying to get expelled"
I just nodded.
After a few seconds of him rambling I asked, "can I leave now?".
He looked at me confused like I was crazy.
He just gave me a reason to leave this hell hole.

But what was I going to tell Luna, what will dad do....

I quickly leave, smiling and waving at grace, getting a glare from her on the way by and I chuckle to myself.
I grab all my thing from my locker and shove them into my bag before heading out to my cheap crapy car that I bought by my self.

No one was around... the car park was abandoned. And I had two cans of black and white spray paint. I grinned evilly to myself.
It was last period and school was going to end soon so I could just go pick up Luna from her primary school, and then go to work at the cafe.
But not before leaving my mark!

I ran back up the steps to the front door.
Where should I put it?
I should just cover the front wall of the school.
Yes I'm a genius.

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