Hannah POV

Feel the adrenaline moving under my skin.

It's an addiction such an eruption

Sound is my remedy feeding me energy

Music is all I need Baby, I just wanna dance

I don't really care

I just wanna dance

I don't really care care care (feel it in the air yeah)

She's been a crazy dita disco diva and you wonder

Who's that chick? Who's that chick?

The lyrics to Rihanna’s Who’s that chick played threw out the gym. I moved perfectly in time with the beat, breathing heavily and fast as I danced. Dance is my passion. I love it.

 My mum doesn’t like me dancing; she says it’s a waste of time so she makes me focus on school and good grades.

It wasn’t fair though! My brother is the famous Max George from The Wanted. But my mum doesn’t want me to do anything that has to do with dancing or singing so I’m stuck with stupid school and shit.

Truthfully I couldn’t give a care about school. But I have no choice.

I moved gracefully and finally came to a stop at the end of the song. Grabbing my water bottle I sat down on the bleachers. I had the gym all to myself. 

Plugging my headphones in my ears I leaned back and sipped my water happy for the peace. The moment was ruined when a loud bang came from some of the gym doors. WTF?

My head snapped to the direction of the noise to see a blonde guy inter the gym and walk over to the bleachers across from me. Oh My Gosh. It’s Niall Horan of One Direction! Breathe Hannah, breathe.

 Don’t freak out in front of him. My God was he beautiful in person. His head turned in my direction and I could tell he had noticed me.

“I’m sorry. Did I interrupt your peace?”  he asked seeming quite worried.

“No your fine.” I smiled. His accent was sooo sexy.

“My name’s Niall.” He walked towards me taking my hand in his giving it a shake. “Hannah George” I gladly shake back. He gazed right into my eyes with his beautiful ice blue eyes smiling at me.

‘BANG’ the door to the gym opened again as I glared towards the stupid jerk that interrupted my moment. Of course it would be my brother. “Hey Hannah I was looking all over for you!” he jogged up to Niall and I.

“Well you found me.” I gritted my teeth in anger. I hope that he will meet a nice pretty girl today and when their having a moment I’m going to come running in the room and ruin everything then laugh in their faces. Stupid Max.

“Cool, do you mind doing me a favor and helping me with my algebra homework?” he asked.

Wow. This so could have waited. He did not just really come in here and ask a stupid question like that. Oh my gosh.

“Fine, whatever.” I sighed.

“Thank you so much!” he cheered giving me a huge smile then turning to Niall. “Sorry lad, was I interrupting something?” Max asked.

“No not at all” Niall smiled “I actually just left my bag in here and came back to get it. Well it was nice meeting you Hannah. See ya around.” With that he gave a small wave then exited the gym.

“What the heck Max!?” I screamed, rounding on my brother. “What is it?” he seemed sincerely confused at what he had done.

“Just never mind. Come on and I’ll help you with your homework.” I rolled my eyes.

Guys can be so stupid something, I swear.


Okay guys, I know its really short so i'm sorry. I promise the next chapter will be way longer!

So what do you guys think will happen with Hannah and Niall?

Will Max ever learn not to interrupt Hannah's special moments?

What POV should I do the next chapter from?

Like. Love. Hate.



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