Chapter 14: Attack

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When I awoke the next morning, I groaned at the thought of school. Half an hour later as I was picking out my outfit, I realised it was Saturday and it was 10:30am.

I was dressed and ready to go by 11:30am and by the time I was in my car, it was 11:45am.

Destination: Kestrel's house.

When I arrived, I beeped my horn and Kestrel rushed out to meet me. I embraced her in a hug and followed her into the manor house. Cordelia and Leah was already in the house, painting each other's nails.

"Hey Rowan!" Leah said. "Do you want me to do your nails?"

"Hahah... No thanks." I muttered and sat beside them.

"Grams taught me how to channel one of the element yesterday." Kestrel told us.

"Wow! Which one?" Asked Cordelia.

"Fire. Fire you can't conjure. The only way to conjure fire is using dark magic. So fire has to be near you to use it. Water is the same, you have to be near it." Kestrel explained.

"What about air and earth?" I asked her.

"Those two are more easier. Air and earth are always there. You can't escape from air because it's all around us. I can channel air anytime I want. Same with earth. The only time I can't channel earth is if I'm up in the sky or something."

"I'm so jealous of your witchy powers." Leah groaned, filing her nails. "If I had powers like that, I'd be casting love spells or using them to get out of homework."

Kestrel laughed. "That is exactly why you're not a witch, Leah."

"It's your birthday in four months today. Then you'll be officially a dhampir." Cordelia said.

"Don't remind me."

Kestrel got to her feet. "I'm going to get some snacks. Can you two help me?"

Leah and I nodded and followed her out of her lounge and into the kitchen. She pulled out some crisps and a four bottles of Mountain Dew. She grabbed four bars of chocolate and we walked back into the lounge. The sight made us drop everything. The girl vampire; Moira was sat on the window sill. She was staring into Cordelia's eyes and Cordelia was staring back; in a kind of trance. Moira was wearing a tight black short dress, and black stilettos; all the same colour as her bob hairstyle. Her lipstick and eyeliner was also black.

"Invite me in." Moira said, using compulsion on Cordelia. Kestrel and I dived forward with loud screams of a "No!"

It was too late. Moira hopped into the lounge and smiled at us.

"No witch boy to save you now, little girl." Moira laughed. I grinned, and Moira looked back at me in confusion.

"Why are you smiling?"

"I may not have a witch boy, but this girl here is my best friend. She's also a witch. And twice as powerful." I laughed. Moira turned to run from the window. All it took with a flick of Kestrel's fingers and the windows and doors slammed shut hard.

"What are you doing here?" Kestrel snarled as Cordelia scrambled away from her.

"Ugh, witches." Moira muttered, rolling her eyes. Kestrel glared at her and the wind picked up, blowing all of our hairs back behind us. I realised that Kestrel had shut the windows and she was channeling the wind from the elements. She held out her hand and Moira was blown back against the wall and pinned down.

"You really shouldn't attack people in a witches house." Kestrel snarled, fury blazing in her eyes. Moira shrugged but I knew Kestrel could sense her fear.

"Witch! You think a few tricks with the elements can scare me? You're not powerful enough to kill me!" Moira screamed and stood up straight, knocking away Kestrel's magic. Kestrel staggered back a few steps, as if her magic had rebounded on her and stared at Moira in bewilderment.

"Now, Rowan. You'll realise how your actions will affect the ones you love." Moira snarled and she sprang from her feet. In half a second, she was behind Leah, holding her by the throat.

"Let her go!" Kestrel roared just as Sylvia burst into the room, sparks shooting from her fingers dangerously.

"Try anything old woman and girly here dies." Moira hissed. Sylvia lowered her hands and stood still. Then, throwing Leah to the floor, Moira dived across the room, moving in vampiric speed and dived through the window. At the same moment, Kestrel screamed out, throwing her hand forward and the windows shattered into tiny pieces of glass.

"She escaped!" Kestrel cried.

"How can this get any worse?" Kestrel cried.

"We'll get the vampire, sweetie." Grams assured her.

"I am so sorry I invited her in! I couldn't help it!" Cordelia cried, tears flooding down her cheeks. I rubbed her shoulder affectionately as Kestrel helped Leah up.

"We understand, Cordy," I told her. "You was under the mind control of a vampire. There was nothing you could do."

"I have some things that can help you fight vampires in the future." Grams said and we followed her up three storeys and into the attic. She sat at a table and picked some herbs up and stuffed them into tiny velvet satchets.

"In here is some Sage, Vervain and Thyme. Have this in your possession and mind control won't work on you." Sylvia explained. Then she walked over to large chest and pulled it open. Inside the chest was boxes upon boxes of dried herbs that could be used for vampire protection against mind control.

"This is amazing. Thank you." I said and there was some mutters of agreements alongside me. Grams smiled at us.

"I don't care if a vampire attacked or I nearly got killed by one, we're still going to the dance. And in two hours it'll be time to get ready!" Leah squeeled, grinning in excitement. Grams chuckled and disappeared from the attic.

"Have you guys got dates?" Leah asked. "I'm obviously going with Lukas. Since we're together."

"Nate asked me last week." Said Cordelia smiling. "I can't believe how sweet it was."

"I don't have a date yet. But George is going to ask me." Kestrel told us. We all looked at her in confusion.

"Big expectations, Kestrel!" Cordelia laughed.

"No really. I know he's gonna ask me. I had a vision." Kestrel boasted with a smile.

"What about you, Rowan?" Leah asked me. I shrugged, my heart sinking as I didn't have a date.

"I don't have a date. I'm totally fine though." I told them, trying my best to cover up my disappointment. That's when I heard the voice in my head.

You won't be sad later, the voice said. Then I realised it was Kestrel's voice in my head. She winked at me.

Wow. Her magic abilities are growing, I thought.

"Let's go check out our outfits!" Cordelia suggested excitedly.

Oh, help, I thought painfully.

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