Chapter 12: Prophecy Poem

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My eyes opened as my alarm clock rang through my ears. I slammed my hand on the stop button and the ringing disappeared. After I washed and dressed, I made my way down the steps and into the kitchen. My parents were sat at the table.

"I've made you breakfast." Susie Thorpe said to me. I sighed and turned around to look at her.

"Stop pretending that everything is okay!" I cried. "Just please stop."

Susie remained silent as I poured coffee into my mug. I refused to call them Mom and Dad. I sipped the coffee, careful not to burn my tongue. Mark joined in with the silence. My brother sauntered into the kitchen and grabbed a slice of toast.

"Hey sis." He muttered, taking a bite of the toast.

"He doesn't know?" I laughed, despite it wasn't funny at all. Chris looked at me suspiciously.

"Know what?" He asked, his eyes squinting in suspicion.

"Rowan-" my 'mother' couldn't finish.

"I'm adopted. You're not my real brother." I told him. Chris' mouth dropped open.

"Is he adopted too?" I asked. Susie shook her head.

"No. I gave birth to him." Susie said.

"You always wanted to be the first child," I said to him. "Now you are. You're the first and only child."

Chris shook his head in disbelief.

"It can't be true-"

"Chris," I said. "You're still my brother, no matter what happens. This isn't your fault. Or mine."

Chris smiled and nodded. I shot one last look at my adoptive parents and walked out of the house. Erin was waiting for me in her car. I climbed in and smiled.

"How did it go with your parents?" Erin asked me as I clicked in my seatbelt.

"They're not my parents." I replied.

"Oh, I guess it didn't go well, then." Erin said and she drove off of Clyde Avenue. I didn't reply. We was silent until Erin stopped to pick up Kestrel, who came running to the car. She got into the back seat and put on her seat belt.

"Thank God it's Friday." Kestrel said, brushing her brown hair out of her face.

"Ditto." I said and gave her a smile.

"What's the plans for this weekend?" Asked Erin as she took a corner on the road.

"Tonight my Grams is helping me advance my magic. She gave me lots of old Grimoires to revise from. Add that with school revision, and I'm going to die." Kestrel explained.

"Isn't there a school dance on on Saturday?" I said.

"Oh yeah, I can remember Leah going on about it." Erin laughed as she parked into the school. We got out of the car and began walking over campus, where we found Leah, Cordelia, Lukas and Nate.

"Hey," Leah said with a smile. "We was just talking about the dance tomorrow."

"It's going to be amazing." Cordelia said excitedly. Her blond hair fell over her shoulders; she had straightened it.

"Where's George?" I asked, curiously.

"He hasn't arrived yet." Nate said, swatting a fly away from him.

"Oh look, he's coming over now." Lukas told us, pointing at the approaching George.

"I'm so excited for the dance!" Leah said with a grin. Normally, 1 would have been excited but the dance meant loud music and drunk rebellious people.

That's when the bell rang and everyone began making their way into the buildings.

* * * * *


"I want you each to write your own poem and then I will pick a few people to read theirs out." Mr Wellford, the English teacher said. Kestrel opened her exercise book and began to write. No words came from her pen. She tapped her pen on the paper in thought. Then, an electric shock raced over her. She had no control over her hand. The pen scribbled on the paper and wrote:

Deadly desires; crimson blood

The blurred line of evil and good

Fall of light; shadow of night

Creature of the night; turned

Fight for good; not long to wait

Before the dhampir meets her deathly fate

Then, Kestrel had full control over her hand again. She read the poem over and over and before long, she realised what it was. It was a prophetic poem, revealing the future.

Kestrel closed her exercise book and raised her hand. The teacher looked her way.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" She asked. Mr Wellford nodded and Kestrel walked out of the classroom. She walked down the corridor and knocked on a classroom door. Kestrel opened it and popped her head into the classroom.

"The principal wants to see Erin and Rowan." She said. Erin and Rowan stood up and followed me out of the classroom.

"What does he want?" Erin asked.

"I lied," Kestrel told them. "Follow me."

They followed her to the girls' bathroom and they stopped at the sinks. Kestrel opened her book and ripped out the poem. She handed it to them. They read it and gave it back to her.

"The first line means lusting for blood." Erin said and Kestrel nodded in agreement.

"And the second line is pretty simple. And the third line means the side of good losing." Kestrel added.

"And the fourth line means being turned into a vampire. That means Rowan, right?" Erin said.

"No, Rowan already is a vampire, but her vampire side is buried inside of her."

"So that means someone is going to be turned into a vampire." I said, worry on my face.

"Fight for good, not long to wait... That means it's not long to wait for the battle to begin." Said Kestrel.

"Before the dhampir meets her deathly fate," Rowan quoted. "So that means I'm going to die."

Silence covered the room.

"Rowan-" Kestrel was cut off.

"No. It makes sense, doesn't it? It's obvious. Alexia could kill me, or it could be Godrik. Godrik is going to find me and drain my blood to gain immortality. My birth Father is going to kill me."

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