Chapter XXI

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"It's not safe in here, we should move, now" said Pandora.

"Give them a minute," I told her looking at Wiese, who look like they could faint, and Gail, who tried to recover her breath. "They is not used to doing so much magic and Gail's nerves are about to kill her."

"I know, but the Tenth could be watching right now." My friend sounded serious, but the look in her eye made it clear she understood we were in a more than complicated situation.

"Just a couple of minutes, just for them, we also need a rest."

"Okay, okay, I do need to catch my breath, but we cannot wait too long," she was nervous, but still tried to sound confident.

"I knew you'd say it." In an impulsive act, I stroked her cheek. Both of them flushed, but before she said anything, I heard Wiese calling us. I was the first one to go, replaying the short scene in my mind.

"She knows how to go to the real world," said Wiese as soon as I was there.

"Wait a minute, what? Are you sure, Gail?" I knelt to the ground, intrigued. She was hugging Wiese, but took off her arms from them when she turned to me. Her eyes were somber when they looked into mine.

"I heard some of the elves," she said trying to look calm. "I was almost asleep, but they said something about a cave."

"Do you know where?" Asked Wiese. I heard that Pandora walked to us.

"They said something like 'a cave between the worlds,' but I don't know what it means."

"Maybe you could look in your book?" Wiese hugged Gail while asking Pandora. The girl was still scared, and I couldn't blame her.

"I will, but we need to keep moving, it's not safe to be here." While she spoke, Pandora looked around us, and I knew we couldn't wait any longer.

"Can you walk, Gail?" I asked her, but she didn't talk. All I got was a nod. "Sure you feel strong enough?" Another nod. "Okay, we move then." As soon as I said that, Pandora's eyes rolled back. Gail gave a deafening shriek as my friend fell to the floor and remained motionless.

I stood in front of her and Wiese, expecting the worst. I had not heard of shadows that could control other spirits, but if that was the case, I would... I didn't even know what. I'd could gain enough time for both of them to run, but then what?

A cold sweat covered me. My mind knew a couple of seconds passed, but my body felt as if I had been frozen forever. When I heard a sound, as if something could be burning, I took a step forward, still with my defenses up.

The only other thing I could hear were the waves coming to the beach and the heavy breathing of both Wiese and Gail, and the only thing I could see was Pandora, still in the ground, her eyes white, and paralyzed as if she were...

"Gail," I was barely conscious of my words, "can you sense a shadow or anything near to here?"

"No." Was all she could said.

I looked at Wiese, hoping they would be able to hear me. If anything happens, take her and run until you cannot see us. They nooded, afraid as we all were, and came closer to Pandora, I did the same, but coming to Pandora. A knot had formed in my throat, making it impossible to articulate any words.

She was like a rock, unmoved and with no sign of life in her body. To hear her heart was not an option, but somehow, I knew she was still alive. Feeling my legs as if they were rocks, I walked to her, praying to however may listen that I didn't want to loose her, not there and not then, fighting back the tears that wanted to come out.

It was a gasp of air that brought her back to us. The next thing I knew was that I was hugging her as hard as I could, letting go all the panic I had felt, shivering and crying, feeling I could fait, but pushing that last one to the farest corner of my body. It had been bad enough to us to see it once.

However, when I saw Pandora again, it was my time to gasp. She was changed. Her hands were covered with marks that seemed to resemble smoke, although I saw more than a geometric shape between the tones that covered her skin. Her eyes, before emerald green, were now purple, almost pink. I was even sure that I saw them change their intensity right in front of me.

"Pan?" Suddenly, all my fear were back. Get ready to run!

"Y-yes. What's left of my, I think, but yes," she said, dizzy.

"Please, do stop trying to kill us." I was angry, not at her, but at the situation, and it seemed she knew it as well. "What in the name of the faeries happened to you?"

"It was the book, stop it," she said when I opened my mouth, but I spoke anyway.

"You did the spell not knowing about this?!"

"Stop it, please, my head hurts," she squeezed her eyes and put her hands on her ears, just like a child.

"Mine, Wiese's and Gail's were about to explode two seconds ago!" It was late for me to keep the rant inside. "You always told me never, ever, to do anything if I didn't understand the whole thing!"

"I did understand it all!" She finally said. "I just missed one word on the secondary effects, and I knew it would not be anything bad, just a change! A physical change!"

"It could have been anything. You're a witch, you know that even a word can kill us all!"

"It would have not!" She looked at me as if I was missing the obvious, and we both took a breath. "I read the whole book, every single page, studied everything on it. There's no way its magic can kill me or any of us. Do you really thing I would have put anyone in danger? That I would have done anything that could have hurt you?"

It had been as if I had been thrown on ice. I didn't know what to say. She was right. Completely right. Pandora had always been there. When she attacked, she was devastating, but never one of her spells touched us if not to heal, support or protect us. She didn't gave me a chance to speak.

"Let's just get out of this damned place." My witch stood up and walked to the other side, trying to get as far of the beach as she could. Gail, taken by the hand with Wiese, walked behind her, despite her eyes couln't leave mine.

I took a breath again and followed them. You would be a Queen, but the Queen of the Half-Witted.

 You would be a Queen, but the Queen of the Half-Witted

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