Chapter 10 part 2 Karma

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Chapter 10 pt 2 Karma

I don’t think Perseus realized how quickly the drugs had worn off because he sat next to me reading a magazine of some sort. When I was able to move I opened my eyes very slowly. Thankfully he hadn’t noticed, I glanced around ever so slowly and noticed I wasn’t tied up or cuffed. I wasn’t even restrained at all, this was Perseus’ biggest mistake. I slowly drew my right hand towards my pocket and slipped out my blade. Before Perseus could blink- in one quick motion I pulled Perseus up and tossed him onto the ground of the jet and pressed the blade to his jugular.

“Didn’t think I’d come back that quickly did you?” I mumbled as I watched him, bore my eyes into his backstabbing eyes.

I’ve dealt with a traitor before and with Kovacs he was just a confused guy, a really bad good guy and a bad bad guy- either way I never trusted him BUT Perseus, well I trusted him alot to go through what we have together.

“Trinity, what are you doing? Are you insane?” Balthazar came in with his arms folded across his chest as he glared at me with a less than impressed expression painted across it.

“What does it look like I’m doing? He tried to drug me, the bastard is likely working with the Renegades. Unless you’re the guy behind it.” I jabbed the blade slightly deeper into his skin, not enough to tare the tissue , although I suspect that if things went from bad to worse that it may get more physical.

“He drugged you because he knew you were about to hit another round of bloodlust. He was trying to spare you the agony of it until we reached ground.” Balthazar went to put his hand on mine to slowly remove the blade but one glance made him back away.

“Is that true?” I looked down at Perseus who hadn’t tried to fight me or even defend anything. If he was trying to restrain and hurt me I don’t suppose he would have been sitting next to me so casually.

I lifted the blade as Perseus met my eyes. “ I didn’t want to see you suffer like I did during my cravings.I’m sorry I drugged you.” Perseus’ apologetic glance made me back away entirely. He wasn’t a threat, I should have known that.

“I’m sorry I almost killed you.” I shrugged as I went to sit back down and press my forehead into the center of my palms.

Balthazar handed me a blood bag. It was cold and human, which didn’t interest me. Nothing would taste as sweet as Nephilim blood  but if I didn’t want the cravings to hit me full on like it had in the hotel room- I was better off drinking it.

“I hate seeing you like this.” Perseus was consumed with guilt as he sat across from me and shook his head.

“I hated having to go through it but watching someone else go through’s somehow worse.” Perseus layed back in the chair and rested his head at the back of the seat, looking blankly at the ceiling.

“It’s all good.” I shrugged, what a line. Nothings good. Nothing will likely ever be good and since I still didn’t care, it hadn’t mattered a great deal.

I downed the entire blood bag and at first my stomach rumbled with such pain. Slowly the pain died down and I took a deep breath in relief.

“Is this how you felt every time after you fed?” I asked glancing over at Perseus.

“Pretty well. The more I drank the worse it got.” Perseus didn’t look over, I could tell when he didn’t make eye contact it was either because he was upset or guilt ridden.

That part of him reminded me so much of Olly, and suddenly I found myself thinking of him and Anna and before I could miss them or feel anything I gave my head a shake and tried to clear my mind. I wasn’t going to let petty things consume my thoughts. The pain started to build up again and I looked over at Perseus.

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