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January 1st, 1989
Knoxville, TN

I was in town visiting my cousin who lives in Knoxville, Two and a half hours away from where I live. She said we're going to see Red Hot Chili Peppers she got backstage passes through her work. 'I'm so excited!' She exclaimed, jumping around the room 'Calm down, geez' I say, rolling my eyes at her

4 hours later

Shelby and I waited backstage for the boys. The show was amazing. I particularly took a liking to the guitarist, John. Shelby was in love with Chad, the drummer. Not soon after we made our way backstage, four sweaty men appeared and walked over to us. 'Hello' Anthony says, grabbing Shelby's hand kissing it and doing the same with mine. Shelby and I returned the hello to him. I looked away from Anthony and saw John over at the Craft services table. I excused myself to go introduce myself to John.
'Hi, my names Katie' I tried not to sound nervous and I was visibly shaking which is something I do when I'm nervous. John looked at me, sounding amused by my accent. 'Hey I'm John' he says
'You were great out there by the way' I tell him motioning for the stage 'oh, thanks I had fun' we chatted a little while longer and then the guys had to go back to the hotel. 'Why don't you come?' John asks me I looked at the clock that read 10:45 pm 'I would love to, really but I can't. I teach dance for 6 year olds, and the classes start early tomorrow morning.' 'Alright, well how about I give you the number for the hotel we'll be at and the one after just in case we've left already' he walked over to the table and grabbed a napkin and a pen. He wrote down the numbers and gave it to me. 'Thanks, I'll call when I can' I smile and see Shelby cuddled up next to Chad. I walked over and told her I had to leave she said she would call me in the morning.

The next morning

I was up extra early so I could get to the studio and set up. After class, I went home and took a nap. 'Should I call him?' I thought to myself after I woke up. I decided to wait a few days and then call. I got home only to see a red flashing light on my answering machine. I pressed the button and heard a voice I didn't automatically recognize.
'Hey, Katie it's John. I got your number from Shelby last night after you left. I was gonna wait a few days to call, because you would be busy, and I didn't want to bother you. Anyway, we're having another show in Tennessee soon. I was hoping you could come. I'd really love to see you there. Alright! I'm coming! I gotta go, bye! Hope to see you at the show!'
Wow, he wants me to come to the next show?
Should I go?

A few days later

I went to check the mail, and when I opened the mailbox an envelope fell out. The outside of it said
To: Katie
From: please show up
I knew it was John. I went back inside and saw one ticket with a backstage pass. I also saw a small letter attached to the pass.
'Hey, when you come backstage tell the guy you're my girlfriend. He'll believe you, hopefully. Just show him this picture

Tell him it's from our show last week that you saw

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Tell him it's from our show last week that you saw. It'll get you in for sure. Anyway, um, I'd really love to see you.


I went to sleep thinking of John.
Should I go or should I stay home.
What are our kids names going to be?

Why am I thinking about a future with someone I don't even know.

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