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Darkness covers the group's approach as fog closes in around them. Dusk masked their footfalls and their sharp breathing as the dart through the streets and draw closer to their destination. A silver haired girl clicks her phone on and uses the glow to illume her way as the group walk on, their eyes reflecting the blue light. The night continued on in a patient manner, yet held its breath with fear and anxiety.

Glass shards rain f rom above as a person is thrown from the window on the third floor. The suited attourney collides with the concrete pathway with a sickening crack and a pool of blood. The sound rung out throuout the city and reaches even the furthest skyscraper at a high decibel.

Placing her hands on the window sill, the silver haired girl looks out over the skyline of the city of Asral, her crimson eyes tracing the silhouette of the charred black roofs.

"We need to hurry."

The girl turns and stares into the stark white pupils of  Seere as he inclines his head in the direction of the door.  Purre glanced back out over Asral and then walked with the rest of the group...

A/N: NOT a fanfiction everyone! Asral is my city and Seere and Purre are also mine. Any places or characters seen in this book will belong to me and so will the story. I may update this every week, or literally just whenever.

Also I would like to say that I will give a book to an avid Zelda fan if they want it. If you'd like to be in with the chance to win a book I will never write named 'Truth, Lies and Love' (you can change it if you'd like to), either private message me or post on my noticeboard.

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